Can you imagine being the resident funny person for millions of people?

The pressure of living up to expectations to be funny every living waking moment of every living day?

I was in the shower this morning when my husband came in and told me the news and he said “guess how they think he’s died?” My head was screaming, “please don’t be drugs”, and then he said suicide, I just repeated “no, no, no, no, no” and then promptly burst into tears as I have now writing this blog.

Suicide is such a sad place to go where you think that there’s no other option.

For Robin Williams, the comic genius who, I believe, if someone did the research, that it is documented from a while ago, that he would be one that you would hear about from a drug overdose or suicide to quieten the mind and the demons that race around in his genius brain. I remember reading it once, that he lived with bipolar.

For a man whose brain operated at 32,000 gigahertz every day of his life, at 63, you would want the gremlins to shut the #$%^ up wouldn’t you?

I’ve read many comments today about there’s no hope for humanity that the funny man pulled the pin. I even had a blamer thought that he may have seen the images of that poor child holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier and thought there was no point to hang around anymore, that his job of making the world happy was impossible when things like this were happening.

Who knows what pushed him to the point of having had enough of his time here on this plain.

I encourage you to do your best to go and find every movie, every funny YouTube video and watch him be funny to help your brain chemicals step outside the moroseness of the world having lost it’s funny man.

If that man could operate with depression and bipolar by bringing his genius level of humour to our world for 63 years, then he’s not only a genius, he’s super human.

He is a terrible loss to our world, when we need so much of humanity to lighten up. To take a good hard look at themselves and know that if Robin Williams decided to hang around, that he would have material up until he was 103.

That’s a big job for one human.

As much as I am so terribly saddened for his decision to take a really long holiday, I am so profoundly grateful for every endorphin that has ever been created in my system because of this man. I watched this this morning when I came into my office. You should watch it too.

Nanu Nanu beautiful soul. Farewell and I hope Heaven has tissues to cope with the laughing. Lucky buggas they are.