Restore Annual Retreat 2024

Every year, I take an intimate group of women away with me to the Coral Coast in Fiji. We stay in our own private holiday home with our own Chef, Concierge and Housekeeping. The only finger you have to lift is for the sunscreen tube. This event happens every year and sells out, so don’t miss out on claiming your spot today. We are currently building our next visit in 2024. 

Writers Retreat 2024

Sometimes tapping into that creative core of your being needs some coaxing with some sunshine, crystal blue water, sand that squeaks as you walk on it, and someone else doing the cooking and cleaning. Then, because of the palaver we’ve been living with since 2020, you also want to ensure that any sabotage behaviour can’t derail your creativity. Retreating with me in idyllic locations in Australia and around the world brings out the best in all attendees. These retreats are always seven (7) days.

  • 1 day to travel to the venue
  • 5 days of being creative and truly surrendering to the creativity
  • 1 day to travel home.

You can use these retreats for writing anything – a book, a program, a website, a business plan, a seminar, a key-note whatever you need to write, this is the dedicated time with the energy healing to help you achieve your goals.

PITCHING for People Pleasers Workshop Retreat 2024

Pitching is hard enough, chuck in the trait of people-pleasing, the trauma response and it can either paralyse you into doing nothing or agreeing to things that were way out of scope of what you actually wanted to do and you find yourself in a place you never planned. This retreat has two components – dealing with the trauma response and then helping you pull together your dream pitch script and presentation material. The week will culminate in a run-through of your pitch with an audience to help you practice and bottle all the confidence you need to take it back with you. Amazing facilitators with the credentials to support you to new heights.

Our next Retreat is planned for 1H 2024.

NEGOTIATING for People Pleasers Workshop Retreat 2024

Asking for what you want goes against every grain in a People Pleasers life. A People Pleaser traditionally has a boatload of evidence of how much chaos follows after speaking up, asking for what they want or, heaven forbid, saying no. This week-long workshop retreat program is going to run through the anatomy of People Pleasing to help quieten the monkey mind trying to keep you safe from any kind of loss when it comes to negotiating something and then provide you with a tried and proven methodology of how to prepare to go into any negotiating experience and know you’re as ready as you could ever be to achieve a positive outcome.

Our next Retreat is on the planning table 2024 in various locations. Should you happen to be a founder of a women’s industry body and you would like to have this program run for your members, we are also available as facilitators of our process.

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