Revive Annual Retreat 2022

Every year, I take a group of  women away with me to the Coral Coast in Fiji. We stay in our own private holiday home with our own Chefs, Butler and Housekeeping. The only finger you have to lift is for the sunscreen tube. This even happens every year and sells out, so don’t miss out on claiming your spot today. Unfortunately due to COVID, this retreat is on hold until a travel bubble or borders are opened again with Fiji. We miss our Fiji family more than we can say.

Me Time Retreat 2021

Thanks to COVID, I’ve gone on a dedicated hunt to find an Australian slice of paradise to allow a replica of the Revive Fiji Retreat to happen. Details are being built for a retreat between June and September 2021 in Far North Queensland. Make sure you’re on my mailing list to receive the Early Bird Details.

MEN-toring Retreat 2022

People will try and point out that men learn or “personally develop” differently to women and I would like to kindly disagree. Men, the same as women, need an environment away from distractions that is safe, respectful and open to sharing without judgement. If you’ve never given yourself a week off to personally develop at the emotional level, to BE in a space where you can shift from old mindsets and belief systems and start to formulate your own based on your own truth, then maybe you should surrender to the evolution of the masculine in the 21st century and join me and some other men in the same place as you.

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