What if I told you that you could spend some time on yourself for the first time in forever and you could go home and have your family appreciate you more than they ever have?

What if I told you that you would be provided safe sanctuary to tell your deepest, darkest secrets that have you held hostage to pain, shame and humiliation…and you won’t burst into flames of disgrace, but rather be held in a protective loving embrace by your new sisters?

What if I told you that you won’t have to lift a finger to cook or clean or wash or anything? That you will have two handsome men taking your orders and loving the fact that they get to provide you with a safe space to heal and have a break away from life?

What if I told you that you will discover what’s possible in love and support – so much that you’ll never go back to doubting what you are allowed to be, do and have? That you will implement your new found normal within a week of coming home?

All of this and so much more is what has happened on our REVIVE retreats to date.

Counting the days until our next REVIVE Retreat Fiji








In 2017 Amanda made the decision to take her annual retreat to Fiji – the country and sanctuary that is ideal to heal and support the feminine.

A country that can only be described as warm, loving and home to the soul looking to refill its cup. Our REVIVE Retreat will be on the Coral Coast in Fiji until I run out of women to support.

The energy of this private villa has to be experienced to give you the true essence of what is possible here. Fear of judgement gets left in your port of departure. Stuck stories disappear as you travel across the ocean. It all begins the moment we meet at the airport.

The REVIVE Retreat is specifically designed to get you to …. slow …. down!

Fiji Time is a real, natural phenomenon and just what the doctor ordered. We will have time to gaze at the ocean, solidify new friendships, learn about local culture and cuisine, have our hosts John and Watson asking us really important questions like, would you like a cocktail with or without alcohol.

Most of all, you will have more than enough time to heal your emotional burdens (that you know about) as well as all the ones you didn’t realise were holding you prisoner, once and for all.

Truly, they will be left in a blue bubble that is the coral atoll at our back door. They will be healed and transformed into the most exquisite brain corals you’ll ever see.

Everything you need to heal will be brought to the surface, and with Amanda’s unique energy environment, it will be swept into the Pacific to be healed across all time and space.


Limited numbers means that everyone gets heard, everyone gets supported and the tiniest details get healed. It’s a unique retreat with wondrous results. You have the chance to secure the EARLY BIRD rate with the non-refundable deposit of AU$550 and then regular monthly payments with a small administration fee or pay the EARLY BIRD rate in full and start counting the sleeps until we arrive in Nadi. Scroll down to download the brochure to get a full understanding of costs. 

Sunday 26 July

  • Travel to NADI Airport Fiji EX-Brisbane**
  • Transfer to accommodation
  • Check in and change into your sarong
  • Welcome cocktail and dinner

Monday 27 July

  • Recalibrate day because Day 1 is an epic travel day
  • Get to know each other day

Tuesday 28 July

  • Walk along the beach
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Retreat Session 9 – 12
  • Lunch and swim or rest
  • Afternoon Retreat Session 2 – 5
  • Dinner

Wednesday 29 July

  • Free day to relax, book excursions, massage treatments, fishing trips, helicopter flights, horse riding

Thursday 30 July

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Retreat Session 9 – 12
  • Lunch and rest
  • Afternoon Retreat Session 2 til late
  • Dinner

Friday 31 July

  • Breakfast
  • Team Building Day
  • Massage Day
  • Individual Sessions
  • Lunch and rest

Saturday 1 August

  • Breakfast, Lunch
  • Relax day
  • Snorkelling, reading, final journalling
  • Farewell Lovo Feast
  • Fire ceremony to burn all that you are leaving in Fiji

Sunday 2 August

  • Breakfast
  • Travel day and head home

Non-refundable deposit of $550 per booking with a sliding scale of refunds should circumstances prevent you from completing payments or arriving in Fiji. Please read the terms and conditions of participating in the REVIVE Retreat in Fiji. Click HERE

I cannot recommend the CARMY Retreat highly enough. The amount of valuable information, knowledge, strength and confidenceI got from the retreat was truly amazing. The value for money was incredible.

Jill Stanaway, New Zealand

“What will the CARMY Retreat offer you? From personal experience I can tell you that you will get to know some wonderful women in a gorgeous setting. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the amazing Amanda Foy. You will come back rejuvenated and with a new perspective on your life. It’s not just a holiday though. It’s an opportunity to really look at those beliefs and years that are holding you back. And decide what you want to do about them.

If you are brave enough, a retreat with Amanda could change your life.

I am so glad that I decided it was worth the investment. I’m still reaping the benefits today.

Michelle Anderson, Sydney

This trip exceeded any expectation I had and could have ever dreamed of. I don’t know how to put what took place in one short week into words. The person who left Australia was not the same one who returned. I returned with the spark I was longing for. I found confidence, inner strength, clarity, clear values and priorities, joy and love. After feeling so disconnected for a very long time, it’s amazing to feel this again. To allow myself to feel this again. I also found a unique bond with eight amazing women, who I had just met, that will last a lifetime.

Sharon Sippel

Redgate, Queensland

Thank you Amanda for giving me this most amazing experience. What a wonderful gift; you bring the magic out in everybody that crosses your path.

Karyn Fowles

Townsville, Queensland.

Thank you for a wonderful retreat. Loved the location and the people I shared the whole experience with. I loved the flexibility of the days and the availability to share thoughts and experiences and stories with similar women. You created a safe environment, a respectful environment… not just with the other guests but with the staff at the villa as well. I would definitely come to another retreat in the future.

Karyn Dwyer

Brisbane, Queensland

Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with me, I hope I’ll be back for another retreat. I did not fully understand exactly what this was all about at first. Now?! WOW! This brilliant idea of yours by organising a Fiji retreat has changed and will keep on changing my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find some peace within me.

Brenda Mansfield

Lockyer Valley, Queensland

Thank you for creating a restful space and opportunity to get away from it all. I am so grateful for who you are in the world and am excited to see what you create next.

Selina McGarrigle

Brisbane, Queensland

Thank you for taking the structure and going with the flow. This has been amazing. The ability to relax and flow with the connections, sharing and conversation was perfect. The work that was structured was wonderful. The location was wonderful and cleansing. The women were a perfect fit. I am changed. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU.

Vanessa Moore

Perth, Western Queensland

I have had a good week; I was able to take all the good stuff that came my way. I do enjoy your sense of humour and you have a wonderful laugh. I can see what you want to achieve with your retreats and your gifts are special, so my hope is that you continue to change lives.

Leonie Campbell

Brisbane, Queensland

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