1:1 Sessions

If 2020 has done one thing, it’s shown us where the traditional ways of handling health and wellness aren’t enough. We need to open the scope wider to allow a greater definition of allied services to be brought into the fold and that’s what working with Amanda 1:1 brings…. a very big sign saying “As Well As…”.

Whatever you’ve already been doing in your health and wellness process has been right for that aspect of your life. I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re ready for better results now and you’re ready to step it up with new options and new information that puts you in the drivers seat. Working with Amanda will bring in the next level of support, to help you start seeing real results and real change.

If you’re not doing anything yet, even better!

Starting a clean slate of personal development from the foundations with Amanda’s process will allow you to experience the very biggest of pictures of just how easy it is to feel in control of your life. Amanda has lived what she teaches since 1985 – that’s over three decades of proof as to how The Trio of Health and the Anatomy of Awareness™ works. That term holistic gets bandied around a fair bit and Amanda puts a w in her wholistic to show you her bigger picture process. It is the game changer for achieving results, if that’s what you really want.

This work will:

  • Start you on the path to healing your deepest wounds without needing to curl up in a corner sobbing
  • Help you untangle the threads that have joined into one big ball of overwhelm
  • Clear out those cellular memories (there’s science to back up this teaching) that you know are blocking your path because you are on to it, but can’t shift something
  • Deal with triggers once and for all so your life doesn’t stop moving when a trigger shows up
  • Restore your health and happiness to a level of empowerment

Here’s the options available:


Amanda’s signature one topic energy healings have become seasonal. That means, when something big is happening for the collective, Amanda opens the door for a Demanking® season. Most usually they are at the End of the Financial Year in Australia or End of Year to clear out all the things that may have attached themselves to your life, story and energy body during the year. 2020 also meant that Demankings® grew to include things like the pandemic, as well as major astrology shifts like the Great Conjunction of 21 December, 2020. Make sure you’re on Amanda’s email list to ensure you hear about Demanking® Seasons before the general public does.  Join Amanda’s Email List (you won’t get funneled) HERE


Personal 1:1 EST Readings & Sessions

Emotional Strength Training (EST) 1:1 readings and sessions are a unique concept where counselling, neurological concepts, the trio of health and energy healing are united to give you answers to your WHY. These sessions look at eight (8) areas of your energy body to draw a picture of what’s going on and why you feel the way you do. If you’re a first timer with Amanda’s unique process, Amanda likes to proceed with not having any prior information so that you both know that what she sees is the foundation to what ails you today. It’s VERY cool. The best part about these sessions is that you will finally start to see the picture that is your life. Amanda is a master at joining the dots to why your life isn’t showing up how you’d like. Please note if you’ve not worked with Amanda before, you will need to choose a level 2 or 3 session to ensure you have a debrief to understand how the process fits with what’s happening in your life in present day. 

1:1 Mentoring

One of the greatest things we have as humans living in the 21st Century is choice. Sometimes, you need clarity on something you are too close to, that feels extra stuck, or life has just swallowed something toxic and it’s spewing it out all over you. Amanda’s mentoring sessions bring that voice of reason, those fresh set of eyes that can see both sides to a situation, see something that you might be missing because you’re drowning in the emotions. Sometimes we just need someone on our team when we don’t like ourselves very much too. Amanda brings a whole heap of compassion and understanding that sets the foundation of your growth and development.


Kids don’t have decades of crap stuck in them, however, as children without an adults life experience, they do have significant issues of being unable to process life events with the innocence their soul is still existing in.

Children’s sessions are often a lot shorter and less detailed that adults, though I still use the same process as I do for grown-ups. Amanda likes to honour the energy of the child by ensuring the parent has spoken to the child about someone looking at their energy and will help with words to explain if you get stuck with an explanation. Sessions for children between 0-9 will be recorded in an effort to support the parent. Sessions for children 9 and over will be recorded for the child to listen to – age appropriately – unless the concepts that come out are too heavy or not age appropriate, then Amanda will advise the parent at the time of sending the recording. Sessions for children 13-17 will be emailed directly to the child and the child will need to give their parent permission to listen to it. If there’s anything detrimental showing up in a session, Amanda will always provide a heads up to the parent.


Session Choices

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