I want to let you in on a little secret…. one of the hardest things to do as a human is to put your hand up and say “I’m not coping”. It will be a rare day that I meet someone who hasn’t got something they are working on or through in their life.

We are hardwired to suck it up, not upset anyone, don’t be the one to create drama and rock the boat. We are the 80% of people who watch the 20% of people upset the apple cart and feel powerless to make a change.

You will have heard me say emotional trauma means different things to different people. That’s a really long way of saying “you’re not broken.”

Individual sessions are designed to:

  • Start you on the path to healing your demons
  • Help you untangle the threads that have joined into one big ball of overwhelm
  • Clear out those cellular memories that you know are blocking your path because you are on to it, but can’t shift something
  • Deal with triggers once and for all so you can get on with life
  • Restore your health to a level of bliss.

There are four individual options for you to check out:


Amanda’s signature Emotional Health and Wellbeing Therapy is the option you bring into your life when you just want a release from the pressure that’s built up. You’re self-aware, you know what the pressure feels like, and you have an idea why it’s showing up. It’s like you’re going to the doctor or the chiropractor and they say “what seems to be the problem?” (WSTBTP?)

You explain it in the shortest possible way and then give you a script or an adjustment and off you go. With a Demanking Session, you lie down for around 15 minutes and Amanda asks your energy body to show her the blockages. She records the findings in a private audio file, you have a nice drink of water, you head home and the audio will be in your email to download onto your preferred device and listen to as often as you need to within the next three days to help release the energy for good.

Personal 1:1 EST Readings

Emotional Strength Training (EST) 1:1 readings are a unique concept where counselling, neurological concepts and energy healing are united to give you answers to your WHY?. These sessions look at Eight (8) areas of your energy body to draw a picture of what’s going on and why you feel the way you do. These are a perfect start to your process, and when you understand the concept, you can then more to the demanking process which then gently unravels one area of your healing at a time without loads of time out of your life processing. 

The process involves you booking in and not telling me a single thing about what’s going on. I call it a “Blind Reading”, that way we both know what’s the foundation issues of why you’re not feeling on top of your game. 

E-School Unplugged

E stands for Emotions, Energy and Evolution. All three of these aspects are covered for you in your weekly Group Energy Healing. This concept is delivered based on the Collective Consciousness, or as I like to call it, the Greater Whole. You know how some people read horoscopes about what’s coming for there days, weeks or months ahead? There’s a whole heap of collective information for you to think about. Well, E-School works the other way. 

We have to live our life and it’s going to leave an energetic trail of information in our life. E-School cleans out that energetic trail and turns what needs to stay with you into your innate wisdom. This helps keep you on top of your game, and as one member describes it, “it takes the edge off life.” What members may not realise is that it is zhushing your emotional immune system every week, just like taking a multi-vitamin every Monday (Australian EST), but an energetic one. If you’ve ever wanted to have a greater capacity to show up in your every day, then this ground breaking reading is a “must include” in your health and happiness regime. 


Kids don’t have decades of crap stuck in them, however, as children without an adults life experience, they do have significant issues of being unable to process life events with the innocence their soul is still existing in.

Children’s sessions are often a lot shorter and less detailed that adults, though I still use the same process as I do for grown-ups.

It’s important to know that sessions for children under the age of 12 I am happy to do because the parent needs the support. I started my children listening to their sessions I did for them from the age of 9, so highly recommend that any child be told that someone is going to be helping them feel better.

Children over the age of 12 need to be advised and where possible their email address provided so they can decide if they want their mum or dad to listen to help them process the information.

Session Choices

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