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People Pleaser Healing Circle

Embark on a transformative journey with the People Pleaser Healing Circle – a self-guided community experience where Amanda provides a weekly call about a People Pleasing Topic where you’ll unlock the secrets to freeing yourself from people-pleasing tendencies. Together, we’ll pave the path to a more authentic, empowered you!


People Pleaser Recovery Hub

Discover the People Pleaser Recovery Hub, your sanctuary for restoration and growth. If a lifetime of putting others first has left you feeling lost or overwhelmed, it’s time to reclaim your sense of self. Here, you’ll embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, shedding the burdens of people-pleasing and forging a path toward a more authentic and fulfilling life. This is your safe place to land, where true recovery begins.


1:1 Emotional Strength Training Program

Step into a transformative journey with Emotional Strength Training – a one-on-one coaching program designed exclusively for individuals ready to turn the page on their personal experiences. In this tailored experience, you will receive the undivided attention and guidance of Amanda, an accredited, trauma-informed coach, with an unparalleled process that will have you experience real sustainable results. Together we will nurture your resilience and foster a deeper sense of healing than you’ve ever experienced. It’s more than just a coaching program; it’s your personal sanctuary where profound healing and self-discovery take center stage.


Bespoke Retreats for Deep Healing

Amanda’s retreats have been changing lives since 2016 and they’re always right beside a beautiful body of water. Plans are in place for 2024’s schedule of retreats, click through to see what’s planned.


The Library of Goodness: Your Personalized Portal to Healing and Harmony

Discover the serenity and transformative power that resides in the Library of Goodness, an audio library. With a treasure trove of audio healings at your fingertips, you are invited to either subscribe for unlimited access or choose individual downloads to own. Each session is carefully crafted using Amanda’s distinctive energy healing technique, designed to dissolve the narrative threads that fuel coping mechanisms within you.

Embrace a journey where soothing sounds meet profound healing, enabling a harmonious balance within your body and soul. Let each audio experience guide you towards a tranquil state of being, free from the confines of old patterns and open to a world of rejuvenation and newfound clarity. Subscribe today and embark on a journey to a more centered, peaceful you.