People Pleaser Recovery Room

Membership for the People Pleaser Recovery Room is an initial 12  months.

At the end of the 12 months, if you personally believe you have more work to do, or you have enjoyed the community to help keep you on track, you will be offered the ability to move to a monthly subscription to retain access.

Amanda's belief and track record with her work means that by the end of the first year, if you aren't ready to head out with your new behaviours, you're pretty close to it.

Moving to maintenance mode means you're able to stop your subscription whenever you feel ready.

If you have a complex trauma story or you know you're self-paced healing is traditionally a slow burn, perhaps you think your people-pleasing is going to be tough to shift, you are welcome to invest in lifetime access and stay as long as you need. The group and program will grow with resources as our community grows.