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So many of us would sometimes give our right arm to be able to have a crystal ball to tell us what’s coming up in life so we can prepare.

When you get into spirituality though, you soon learn that it’s better to learn and grow than avoid somethings. We want to be stretched in life, just not rendered catatonic because people and life suck crusty balls sometimes.

That’s where this Emotional Energy Outlook comes in.

I bring my unique Emotional Strength Training process into this Monthly Webinar and ask to be shown what the collective whole can expect to experience from an emotional point of view. Emotional health is paramount in helping us stay on track and to move away from, or at the very least, understand and cope with triggers that come up.

How Does It Work?

Amanda’s unique process has been used to clear out and join the dots to emotional trauma from the past. That’s the rule isn’t it? You can only join the dots going backwards when you are looking at that big fat question of WHY when you are trying to work out WTAF is going on with your life.

This work begun from an inspired experiment at the beginning of September 2018:

“Let’s see if I can do energy healing forward”

This work is a different kind of work, a different kind of healing.

When we have our future in play, we each have a very individual thing that no one else has, our FREE WILL. Your free will is unique to you and your life story. It’s like your energetic DNA and is all wrapped up in a big bundle of choices.

Sometimes, those choices are dictated by triggers, fears, old stories, genetic memory, all sorts of things out of your conscious control. Then you find yourself – your conscious self – fighting with an unknown.

That’s how this Emotional Energy Outlook can support you. This is going to be like the greatest mult-vitamin your free will has ever known.

What Happens?

On the first Monday of every month or if it’s too far into the new month, then the Friday closest the start of the new month, Amanda will go LIVE in a closed facebook group and do one of her unique energy readings.

This will happen in Australian EST.

If you can’t make the LIVE, the recording will be there for the replay.

When you register with your email too, you will also receive an audio file you can download and listen to throughout the month.

Listen to the Taste Test Audio

Watch The Taste Test

Time to get this Free Will to play nice!

The reading is an EIGHT (8) area reading of the collective consciousness which you will love because Amanda doesn’t use jargon or technical terms. The way she speaks what she sees is easy to understand and then apply to your life.

The coolest thing too is how much the information applies to each individual. One of Amanda’s theories that gets validated so often throughout the year is that there’s some puppet strings being pulled with humanity. This is only a bad thing when your story is littered with trauma and you buy into the collective trauma.

This session will be especially powerful for you if there’s some global or community crisis going on in and around you.

“Amanda is a teacher of life …teaching you how to communicate with life to reduce suffering”

Amanda teaches concepts that match the energy she sees in these readings. She gets the information and then interprets the reference material into real life concepts in a grounded and easy to understand way. The best part, there’s nothing airy-fairy about the information. It’s really boots on the ground guidance that will be easy for you to review and implement.

The Science

There’s a reason Amanda will send you the audio when you register your email address. The vibration in her voice going straight into your ears and into your brain, vibrates the fears, stress, blocks and triggers away. Even when another layer of your onion is exposed during the month, you listen again, and it will do the same thing to help you maintain your levels of resilience.

You’ll also hear new things every time you listen to. It’s very cool.

Access Options and VIP to E-School for ongoing support

Early Bird is open for five days from Tickets Available and then the normal price kicks in from there until the end of the month of the recording.

If you are someone who would like to have some support through your personal development, you are welcome to upgrade to join E-School which gives you another dimension to your healing and personal growth with the weekly energy sessions that clear out any “trauma” life creates during the month.

Every E-School member received the Emotional Energy Outlook Reading as part of their membership as well as loads of other great things. 

Or there’s E-School Unplugged if you just want to stick to your own counsel. Amanda will talk about that in the Webinar.

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