It’s taken me a long time to get to this place of knowing why I am here. I found my THING, the one thing I am not prepared to change directions from. Therefore, I want to come clean to you straight away and let you know I’m not like other natural therapists that you may have had come into your life. Yes, I get intuitive information as I do my work. Yes, I see colours, animals, memories, emotions, and things that equate to trauma in your energy body and Yes, I do that with my eyes closed. I also do it with a very high respect for medicine and its ability to manage disease. Medicine provides important information in a bigger picture that provides direction for a natural therapist. 

Here’s where things start to get exciting though. I have been living, studying and researching different elements of health since I was 14. That was back in 1985. I am a living breathing example of what it looks like to adopt the Trio of Health process into your every day, and I have the medical records to prove it.

This is my big picture. Helping people to understand that when you bring the Trio of Health way of living into your life, the medicine works faster, you become healthier and in the best cases, you don’t need medicine as much. Even better, when and if a medical emergency does come into your life, your recovery times shorten, and you have medical people telling you how well you’re doing and how ahead of schedule you are in your milestones. The biggy, after the life we’ve lived with the pandemic that began in 2020, is you reduce your dependence on the medical system which is overburdened and littered with health professionals who are burned out. When you read the research on a health professional’s ability to make decisions when they are in burnout, you would do everything in your power to stay out of the medical system. The Trio of Health gives you every chance of doing that and leaving medicine in your world for emergencies.

When you listen to the news or read the documents, everything is saying that disease is going up. Even when there’s billions spent in medical research, life expectancies with chronic illness aren’t increasing in leaps and bounds. Some have been stagnant for decades.

Something’s not adding up or a giant puzzle piece is missing.

I am medically friendly. You will never hear me tell you not to go to the doctors and here’s why: It is my view that any health professional that tells you that it is dangerous to seek ADDITIONAL support to your health and happiness regime is the person who should be removed from your support network.

You see, it’s my belief that FEAR is the core foundation behind sickness. I also believe there’s a dysfunctional relationship with suffering that can be addressed. Even if you’re actively dying, you’re entitled to die without suffering. You’re entitled to die a good death.

To connect the dots with fear and why it’s important for medical and natural to work together, in harmony, let’s look at cancer as an example. When someone has grown up in a medical way of life and they are diagnosed with cancer and the doctors say chemotherapy, there’s a set of fears that are going to come up immediately. Everyone knows someone who’s had chemotherapy and been sicker than sick with the medicine that’s supposed to save their life. If someone from a natural health background says to a medical way of life person ‘chemo is poison, you should go the natural route’ – and they never have – a second set of fears are going to come up that get added to the first set of fears. You then have a perfect storm of fears that will render treatments natural or medical ineffective in the long term because the patient is stuck in their fears associated with the whole event that began with those dreaded words: ‘you have cancer’. 

When you understand the emotions associated to an ailment, the emotional trauma that is connected to a life event, you can start to take back your power to return to wellness or at the very minimum, begin an end journey without having to suffer, without having to be frightened of the process. 

The more people I can work with, the more people in my membership group, the more people buying and growing with my programs, the more companies installing my health and wellness processes into their employee benefits packages, buying my books and journals, inviting me to speak at events, gives me the financial ability to create my own research facility. A research facility that can provide quality data to medical research that shows which emotions are connected to which diseases and ailments, as well as research that proves how well medicine and natural therapies work together, in harmony, for the greater good of the patient.

That’s my big picture.


If you would like to help fund my big picture because you think it’s about bloody time someone had the research to this, you’re welcome to use the SEND link HERE.

I want to be able to achieve, in my lifetime, the science. The science that proves that energy therapies work in support of medical therapies. I want to be a very loud voice for those scientists who have already discovered amazing findings that add to the validation of the work I already do in neurology, epigenetics and genetics. Not to mention the connections between gut health, mental health and all over health.

There is space for us all here in the health industry. With the quantity of people on the planet, there is more than enough to go around.

I have been hearing other people dismiss natural therapies for decades as I started to verbalise my outcomes with Chiropractic. I’m tired of hearing the “there’s no evidence”. Anecdotal evidence is not invalid. Scientific evidence hasn’t achieved the ability to say “our evidence shows it doesn’t work”. Natural therapists who are building businesses helping thousands need a platform that shows them to be serious health professionals who deserve respect for the gift they are bringing to the health and happiness of their clients.

For every Natural Health Therapist and every natural health client following their health choices, you have one less person adding to the already burgeoning health system.

Further, my big picture around energy workers working with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Accredited Therapists and Counsellors. Their work is very important and effective. To bring the trio of health into mental health practices, I believe will see greater outcomes and higher rates of success stories and suicide rates decreasing instead of increasing.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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