Let me be perfectly frank and honest, I am one of those persons that takes a while to cop the tip.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do operate from a place of awareness and can get messages pretty quick.

Apparently after yesterday, I need to revise that to ‘gets part of the message pretty quick’.

If you follow me on facebook, you’ll have read a couple of Tuesday’s ago that I fell over at my sons’ school and a kid laughed at me. That one single moment put me into a state of accelerated growth and 24 hours later I was ‘cured’ of a pretty major aspect of my life. My knee is still trying to grow all the skin back and today is the second Tuesday since the epic fall.

That incident taught me a number of things, but for today’s message, it taught me to stop and enjoy and not be in such a fricken rush all the time. I watched this funny video about Capricorns yesterday and some hard truths there about concepts around business and earning money, and that’s why I was rushing. Anyway, I vowed that I would not rush and enjoy and be present more because I deserved that in my life.

There is such a gift in being present.

So roll forward to yesterday and I had to take my children to school early for their school camp departure and it was the two weeks since the incident, and I was counselling myself to just walk slowly, don’t be in a rush, stay present, focus on the youngest’s nerves, focus on the eldest thinking he had to be responsible for youngest, memories of my childhood, what would I do differently, what do I want to change patterns and history with… blah blah blah.

So I did and I stayed for 45 minutes until I realised both were good for me to leave, walked back to my car carefully and conscientiously. I may or may not have been walking on the designated pathways like I was on the precipice of a cliff with the chance of falling off at any unannounced moment.

I get back home and decide I will have two boiled eggs for breakfast as I do most days. Unfortunately, once I ran the water into my cute little two egg boiling saucepan, that is also a perfect size for melting the butter and syrup together in my yummy ANZAC biscuits, put it on the stove, turned the stove on, I decided that my focused present time consciousness was over. Or my subconscious decided, because I don’t recall the exact moment that I forgot the pan was on the stove coming to the boil to receive the two organic home grown eggs from the nether regions of my beautiful loving chooks.

An hour later when I decided I should have wee-wees, as I walked out through the house I thought, what’s that smell, and let it pass until, lucky for me, the toilet is right beside the kitchen (thanks old Queensland home with outdoor toilet and extension built on sometime in the last 15 years), there was my beautiful red saucepan, that was now no longer red, but a rather dull brownie burnt colour. I quickly turned the gas off, immediately thanking my dead people for not burning down my house, and just as quickly saying “HEY HOW COME YOU DIDN’T WARN ME THAT I FORGOT THE POT”.

If I knew what God sounded like in real life, I’m sure he would have sounded like Morgan Freeman, and what was the response “because there’s ANOTHER lesson for you Amanda”.

“You need present time consciousness All. The. Time.”

It was my favourite saucepan.

I cooked the colour off and all the non-stick surface got roasted to the point of it turning into ash that floated into the air when I shifted it. I also put it in the kitchen sink to cool and it BURNT the metal sink surface. It was that hot.

I expect that had I not decided to have wee-wees, it’s next step would have been to have burst into flames and melt, showing me how well my smoke alarms worked.


So, my message to you dear reader, is another one of those bloody things of, “we go through what we go through to help other’s go through what we’ve been through.”

Yesterday’s lack of PTC when I returned home wasn’t work related, it was I hope my children enjoy their trip related, as well as, I hope my husband copes with them being away related, and a mild dose of I hope no one hates me tonight when I speak my truth about traumatic life events can cause chronic illness related.

I get it now, and this morning, I can guarantee that the PTC was locked in like the million dollar answer on Hot Seat. I don’t need anymore lessons around this one, thank you very much.

I do not want to rob myself of these moments of BEing when all that is required is to BE. A boiled egg takes four minutes right? How much is that going to impact my day if I stay in the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea to have with it?!

Be present people. You will learn to love these moments and cherish the thoughts as you stand there and be and watch the mesmerising bubbles around the eggs that will give you the energy to see you through to lunch time.

Deep breath in!
Yours in health and happiness