Your definition of emotional sanity is important

The last decade, the last 20 years, even the last 30 years have shown up in ways of late that have you sitting there wondering what you did in a previous life. Don’t get be wrong, there’s been oodles of pockets of good things, happy things, life defining moments, and then there’s this river of story running deep in your veins that is intrinsically linked to your evolution and you might be looking around wondering if it’s possible to take two steps back without consciously doing it. That’s how full-on the energy has been.

Sometimes we need someone with a fresh set of eyes and ears to help us understand why we can’t jump off the merry-go-round we find ourselves on.

Sometimes we need someone outside our inner circle to behave like lane ropes in an Olympic swimming pool.

Sometimes we need someone to be our advocate and confidante when we are attempting something new.

Sometimes we just need that voice that says “that bullshit story sounds so real right now, but it’s not, it’s just a lie”.

Everyone needs a voice of reason to calm the rawness that life can sometimes present with.

Now more than ever, as we evolve into this next phase of your life, you want someone on your team to support you and keep you on track. 

There’s lots of dust that has settled in your life. You may be sick and tired of hearing your own voice continually spewing out the same old stories. You’re ready for accountability and change.

I teach that trauma means different things to different people. I teach that your definitions to any aspect of your life are just as valid as the next persons, even though they look different. What works for you, might not work for another person.

Maybe life has taken a turn that you weren’t expecting and you are in uncharted territory and you were always hopeless at reading maps.

Maybe life has gotten on top of you and all the traditional ways of handling things haven’t worked.

Maybe the same old same old isn’t giving you the results you’ve been used to and you are ready for something new with a game changing element. An element that will be described your secret weapon in no time.

Have a read through the different options below to see what might be a fit for you.

As You Need Sessions


Ongoing Mentoring

Sessions together in my rooms in SEQ or via Phone / Zoom

The 21st Century, like life, has brought so many good things as well as challenges. One of the good things is technology. If you are strapped for time, don’t live in SEQ or aren’t ready to do face to face mentoring sessions, you have the choice of using the phone or ZOOM. No matter which way you choose to have your session, you will feel heard and nurtured through the process. 

What’s my point of difference? I am a savant at joining the dots, seeing and hearing things that help me know what direction to go with the discussion and I will turn the “Foy Effect” on during the session. Meaning, what you speak about will be brought to the surface and swept away, which means the sessions stick. You will grow and change and evolve into the resilient person you’ve always wanted to be. You won’t even know I’ve done it. 

Below are the options for you to choose from.

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