Liberate yourself from the same old same old.

Sick of nothing changing?

Has fear, anger and hopelessness set up shop in your mind and won’t leave? Are you scrolling through YouTube watching generous lightworker videos telling you what’s coming and you forget what they say, until you go watch again at the end of the month to see they were speaking directly to you and now you’re sitting there with the emotional trauma making you sick and tired of life?

What if you’re one of those people who’s spent thousands on mindset coaching and therapy and you still get blocked with the failure stuff. It’s not that the coaching or therapy didn’t work, they just didn’t get to the cellular level of the issue, the level of awareness I teach in Anatomy of Awareness™ – the fear is stuck in your cells. Jumping into these energy sessions is going to bring all that coaching and therapy back to your awareness and you won’t have wasted your money.


Time to bring in a next step.

Are you ready to break up with not achieving results?

There’s Three Choices Available To You…

You know your relationship with the same old same old better than anyone. You have three session options available to rid your energy system of this dysfunctional AF relationship with failure.

What to plan on when you’re choosing a membership:

  • liberation from fears of failure holding you back
  • unbinding you from the failure threads tying you down to actual failure
  • extricating your soul from feeling like you’re not doing enough
  • freeing you from genetic patterns and stories from your family tree
  • unshackling you from being affected by the energies around you
  • delivering you a new relationship with your capacity to step into your dream life. 

Membership Group Options

You have:

  • Evolve & Adapt – Weekly Collective Consciousness Energy Healing
  • The Tarot Tune Up – New Moon and Full Moon Energy Healing – Two Sessions a Month
  • Join both for all the good vibes
  • Upgrade to include the group support


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