The aftermath of the Melbourne Cup is being felt today ~ have you been reading about it?.

The one day the country comes together for a bit of fun and has been since 1861, and I will add here that I am a direct descendant of the chap who owned Archer way back then, so Melbourne Cup is a great day in my yearly calendar.

Domestic violence increases, productivity decreases, horses suffering, spending the same amount of money in a day that the government will spend fighting ISIL.

Can you pick out the voiceless option being blamed here?

Domestic violence and the people who commit it are the ones to blame. Not the Melbourne Cup.

How is it the responsibility of a horse race that a man decides to hoe into his wife or girlfriend because he is drunk or lost a bet?


When is domestic violence going to come with penalties that would even have a drunk man ponder the consequences of that back hand or punch to the gut?


How much money got pumped into the economy yesterday while a good chunk of the population decided to have some fun? Together!

Why compare that to the cost of a war?  We were all having fun for God’s sake. Not blowing something up for God’s sake.

When are the comparisons going to stop?

Comparison is the thief of joy didn’t you know?

Yes, it is horribly tragic that two horses died. I remember going to a local race meet in Ipswich where a horse died on the track and I felt so mank that I decided there would be no more fun had that day and headed home.

Mind you, it was the only horse that died on the track that day out of probably nearly 100 horses.

Is it the fault of the racing industry that those two horses died yesterday? No.

Look at the trainers/owners of the horse that died in it’s stalls and make sure that the autopsy checks to make sure it wasn’t maltreated. The other one died from a flag being waved at it. Horses can be flighty like that. It was an accident.

I remember when I was in Primary School in the 1970s I drew Big Print or Big Foot out of the horse line up in our sweeps where I was in for a chance of winning a Cherry Ripe and I missed out because he died before the race ended, so effectively didn’t end the race.

It happens.

I also remember watching a horse race with my lovey, who has worked with racing families in his lifetime, and he showed me how a horse that crossed the finish line pricked his tail up as he went over. He told me that the horse knew he’d won and was a bit happy about that.

When something has the spot light put on it, don’t blame where the spot light is shining the brightest because it’s the easier option to go with. 

As with every experience, across everything that is going on in this world, stick with the incident or person in that very situation, don’t blame the thing sitting there like a big cumbersome umbrella hogging all the light.

This is how Emotional Strength Training works. You might want to blame all in sundry for your lot in life, but when you start to break it down, there’s only a few things you’ll need to deal with to get through to the side out of the glare of the spotlight.

Oh, and while I’m at it, don’t try and rob this country of something that we can all enjoy together because bad things happen on that day with the spotlight on.

Bad things happen every day.

Go and put the spotlight on the individuals. You know, we are a first world country, we can afford the electricity bill.