Maya Angelou has been a series of quotes for me since the advent of social media. I have seen a couple of her interviews with Oprah and know a small amount about her history. You see, the quotes I’d read always seemed to be enough. 

I have just watched this video of her poem And Still I Rise, and the tears have been unleashed.

There are few women in modern day who have left such a significant mark. When you look at the plethora of quotes that bless our eyeballs on social media, Maya is at the top of the list of women throughout all time.
This poem is certainly something that should be hanging on the back of a toilet door, or in the reception of a doctors surgery or health clinic, or the foyer of a corporate building in the CBD of your city.

This poem and her wonderful candor when speaking it, her honesty, authenticity, and sensational accent tells all of us women who are doing our best to make our mark, to just keep going. To rise and to honour that we have been born women at this time in history. That we can speak out truth and go through all that life in it’s present being has to offer and grow old and leave a mark.

She is giving us permission to be ok with who we are and to speak without hatred. Without hatred to other women, without hatred to men. To honour our gifts and Goddess and do what we were born to do.

My heart is sad, my eyeballs are leaking and this allows me to fill my soul with the gift of the legacy that Maya has provided.

Rest beautiful woman and thank you.