Liberate yourself from your story, for good.

Do you feel like the last 18-21 years has finally landed in your lap?

All that time, choosing a way of being, only to realise you’ve facilitated a whole heap of people believing that what you want comes last?

You’ve now realised that the old way is no longer sustainable and you’ve got to come up with a plan to either resurrect these relationships in a mutually beneficial way or remove them, also in a mutually beneficial way. 

If you’re holding your head in your hands more often than you ever have before, waking up exhausted after a night full of dreams loaded with activity and weirdness, walking around like you’re in the twilight zone, then guess what … you’re right in the middle of the cross roads.

Time to choose a road. 

You’re ready to change your reality, SOOOO ready, but you don’t know how.

What Happens?

When you sign up to Mastermind 2019, you are signing up for 18 weeks of permission to align yourself with your new clean slate. The clean slate that is infused with the decades of wisdom that is everything you’ve lived and learned and can now implement. 

You will jump into a resource that will

  • liberate you from fears that have been holding you back
  • unbind you from the threads tying you down to the old
  • extricate your soul from your limitations
  • free you from genetic patterns and stories
  • unshackle you from every story you’ve ever owned
  • deliver you your new clean shiny slate 

We have 4.5 months to get it done!

  • Step 1: Identifying the boxes/limits
  • Step 2: What’s my role in it all? 
  • Step 3: Who’s wearing the masks?
  • Step 4: Fear of loneliness
  • Step 5: Deny deny deny
  • Step 6: Managing Expectations
  • Step 7: Who am I now?
  • Step 8: What’s the plan for 2020+

Liberation Options

We are dedicating 18 weeks to the process because we need to take it slow and steady to ensure that the neural pathways adopt the new way of being alongside the healing process.

You have:

  • a self-help option which is just receiving the information each week
  • a group option with LIVES and access to Amanda each week for clarification
  • a VIP option where you have a 1:1 1 hour coaching session with Amanda each week

Every E-School Workgroup Member receives the information only option as part of their membership. Click HERE if you want to join E-School to receive even more support. #NB Prices for E-School double on the 1st of June, so jump in quick. 

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