Mastering The Art of Manifesting

Did you know that your ability to manifest depends directly on how free you physically are of traumatic memory that relates to manifesting?

The health of your emotional immune system doesn’t only dictate if you turn into a snot factory every anniversary of that relationship break down you suffered back in 1998, it also dictates your capacity to manifest the good things into your life.

A sick manifesting energy will manifest the manky stuff first. Enough of that!

How Does It Work?

We all have neural pathways that get deeper and deeper over time, and you will be surprised at the quantity of outside influences that will help or hinder your ability to manifest. Maybe you can manifest money out of thin air, but you struggle to attract quality relationships in your life. Maybe you already have your dream partner, but the ability to snag that dream job paying you WAAAAAY more than you’ve ever earned is always out of your reach.

That’s where this Manifesting Masterclass is going to change everything.

This 8 step process, is underpinned by my unique Emotional Strength Training process.

When you are emotionally healthy in relation to your manifesting, you then bring all areas of health into alignment too.

What Happens?

When you sign up to Master Manifesting, you will be directed to the Facebook Group where you will have 8 units ready for you to listen to and dive into the action steps.

You will jump into the steps that will

  • help undo the damage around finding the partner of your dreams
  • secure that dream job
  • bring back quality health
  • find that dream home
  • manifest the money you need to travel abroad
  • or the funding you need to employ your first or
    20th team member who will be there for the long haul.

There’s Eight Steps To Your Manifesting Nirvana!

  • Step 1: Manifesting Statement
  • Step 2: Fear Based Manifesting
  • Step 3: Evidence Against
  • Step 4: Evidence For
  • Step 5: Belief Systems
  • Step 6: Historic Stories
  • Step 7: Managing Expectations
  • Step 8: The List and Affirmations

Access Options and VIP to E-School for ongoing support

This is a do it at your own pace option with the ability to tag Amanda in the group to ask questions if you get stuck. If you choose this membership your membership lasts for the life of the group or as long as there is internet. This is a permanent fixture on Amanda’s menu of services.

Every E-School member in the online group receives the Manifesting group as part of their membership as well as loads of other great things.

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