LOVE LIFE DETOX – 8 Week Program

I’m very excited about this program – it’s not like you’re usual good old I want to manifest the partner of my dreams program – NO, this is going to ground and digging in deep with a unique process that is going to take you down a different path that can feel like a rabbit hole, but you’ll be given very strong reliable headlamps to see where you’re going.

This work is for anyone already in a relationship old and new or would like to be.

There’s been elements at play since the end of 2017 that have impacted all relationships and right now, we are in this amazing window of time to do our best work in our relationship with ourselves as well as with others. The stars truly have aligned to allow this process to have it’s greatest outcomes if you’re ready to do the work.

M1: Your view of the world
M2: Acknowledging your fears – intimate relationships
M3: Acknowledging your fears – family and friends
M4: Your relationship with romanticism
M5: Radical Honesty Week
M6: Boundaries and circle work
M7: Expectations and intentions
M8: Who am I now – identifying your sense of self 

We are literally right smack bang at the start of a window of opportunity to heal – Venus in Pisces : Feb 25 – Mar 21, 2021. That’s why we start on the 22nd. You’re going to see so clearly where you’re truth is at in relationship – with yourself and others.
There will be three levels of participation available for this program to ensure that it’s available for all levels of readiness.

Worksheets + Collective Consciousness Energy Healing

Option 1 + 1hr Weekly Zoom + Vulnerability Buddy 

DEEP WOUNDING OPTION 3 – Only 5 available
Option 2 + personal 30min call and personal energy healing each wk

Scroll down if you’re ready to sign up right now. The Program starts Monday 22 March, 2021 Australian EST.

Literally being in the window of time where you can actively see what’s going on in your relationships, both with yourself and with others, your truths, wounding and dreams are going to be like a red spot on a white shirt.

The problem to be investigated is whether those truths are truly yours or a result of years of conditioning, personal trauma or whether you are at the end of generations of dysfunction and you want something new for yourself.

This program is ideal for anyone in a relationship – of any duration – especially the relationship you have with yourself or if you aren’t in a relationship are ready to embark on a new adventure.

I am bringing my A-game to this program because the stars have aligned for us to do the best work, and I’ll be sharing my process with you and how it’s worked for me. This process you’re about to embark on has a very distinct anatomy to identify the foundations of the blockages, then with my unique energy healing work, you’ll start to be able to make decisions for yourself because the trauma will be neutral and just wisdom. I bet too, the intentions you set for yourself with this course will be blown out of the water when you are shown, through the work and the healings, what’s really the core issue. It’s a game changer and it’s time.