Loom Leadership

Masterfully weaving conscious leadership into family-run businesses, transforming chaos into harmonious cultures, clear processes and quality communication.

What Is Loom Leadership?

For Family Businesses

We understand that every strand in a business, especially in family-run corporations, tells a story – of legacy, of values, of aspirations. Like the intricate workings of a loom, intertwining these threads can either create a beautiful, cohesive tapestry or result in a tangled mess. Our approach is not about force; it’s about finesse. We don’t believe in burning what’s already there to make something new. Instead, we meticulously weave in conscious leadership methods, helping businesses find their true pattern and evolve organically. Let’s work together to craft a culture where we’ve always done it this way meets innovation, and where every thread has its rightful place.




Why Amanda?

Amanda understands family and human behaviour

In a business world often driven by numbers and bottom lines, Loom Leadership by Amanda brings a refreshing, transformative approach: People First. If you understand the personalities, the vision, the fears, the expectations, you build a picture of why chaos or dysfunction might exist, or at the very least, why the business growth may have stalled or staff turn over is an issue. 

This isn’t just philosophy; it’s a proven strategy cultivated from 21 years of corporate experience across Australian and International landscapes, together with 14 years as The Emotional Strength Trainer, finding patterns of behaviour linked to emotional blockages and how they present in a workplace. You might be interested to know that it can present as health issues, sabotage behaviour, continual mistakes, people-pleasing that reaches the resentment phase. You might have transactional personalities bumping up against people who need to be validated for their existence and contribution. Amanda is an accredited trauma-informed coach, which underpins every element of how people show up in any business, family or not. 


Real-world Validation:
The results speak for themselves. Businesses that prioritize people, guided by the Loom Leadership approach, not only achieve their targets but foster an environment of growth, trust, and collaboration. Working with a family business since 2019, the business was acquired with turnover of $1.2m and at the time of posting, the business is on track for its first $6m year, with a growth acquisition now on the next stage of development. The key element, a marriage is still in tact and the next generation is in active career development mode. 

My Corporate Experience

Industry experience in international oil and gas, auditing, manufacturing, plastic extrusion, recycling, machinery management, operations, networking, research and development, government liaison, purchasing, quality assurance, systems, facilities management, health and safety, records management, confidential and security clearance levels for VIP clients.

My Approach

The Mastery of Integration:
Once the people foundation is firmly established, we move to the heart of the business: its processes, systems, communication style, and culture. My approach ensures these are not just mechanical components but are deeply integrated with the human fabric of your organization. This holistic view leads to sustainable solutions, improved efficiencies, and a harmonious business culture. Even in crisis, harmony can be achieved when everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are known. 

How It Works?

Schedule a Free 1:1

A conversation about issues and business goals will allow Amanda to develop a proposal to identify the areas she can support your business. 

Choose a Coaching, Mentoring or Training Plan

With Amanda’s extensive experience in team building, corporate culture, communication culture, processes and systems, Amanda’s skill set will play out with the priorities the business presents with. 

Reach Your Goals

Usually, the priority the business stipulates as needing immediate attention, generally, is a symptom of a deeper priority. Amanda’s process is fluid, structured, and all encompassing. Through regular contact, accountability meetings and the human components with mentoring and coaching, your goals will start to tick over through action and implementation.

Success Stories

"Amanda not only kept our marriage in tact, she supported us all as individuals respecting our differences, and facilitating our ability to communicate better and focus on our business goals. We bought the business without any experience in the industry we chose, and Amanda supported us all in our stress and torment as we found our feet. Our business has just had the best year since we acquired it, and our team has grown from 5 people to 19.

Kenny Sing

"Amanda has a natural ability to see passed the blocks we present and speak to the heart of why communications are breaking down in our team. She listens, with respect and understanding and then spells out what she's seeing and hearing that none of us can. Her ability to validate each and every one of our team, and we're a diverse group of blue collar and white collar, is like her super-power."

Ishtiaq Parag

"Amanda's 80/20 teaching helped us see where 20% of our team was creating 80% of the dysfunction we were experiencing. Because we had goals and our leadership were very one eyed about those goals, we completely missed seeing the triangulation that occurred when our team members who felt powerless started to create power in their resentment. It was a game changer."

John Teh

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