Empower Your Inner Voice & Banish People-Pleasing Forever!

Do You Recognize Yourself Here?

You’ve always been the ‘go-to’ person for everyone, always putting others before yourself. It’s a burden that’s heavy, yet you wear it with a badge of honor. Deep down, you yearn for validation, for acknowledgment, and to truly matter.


The Solution Has Been Recorded – Just for YOU.

Introducing the People Pleaser Library of Goodness – your ultimate treasury of audio insights and healings designed to release those chains of constant appeasement and replace them with the courage to champion your health journey.

Whether you’re after one session or a bundle, this library is your one stop shop for all levels of energy healing to help empower you, evolve your relationship with yourself and others, and then your power tool to help you emerge from the darkness that people pleasing has caused in your life to truly shine in your own light.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year Amanda runs retreats, workshops and webinars. Keep an eye out for the event notifications on facebook or the bottom of any emails Amanda sends out.

2024: Restore Retreat Fiji

Coral Coast Fiji

7 days – two days travel, five days in paradise, go on the wait list to secure your spot – only six places available to ensure 1:1 for all participants during our week away.

The Library Files

Scroll through to have a look at the bundles and the individual sessions. There is also a subscription available for those who know where they are travelling in their healing journey. Some of us need some direction, and then some of us know what we need and can go straight to it. Navigate your life on your terms with this healing library. 

Betrayal Trauma Healing

Workbook, explanation audio and healing 

One of the most significant wounds of a people pleaser is the betrayal trauma that shows itself when you learn why you became a people pleaser.  Order the process here

Breakthrough Bundle – The Big 5

workbook, five healing audios

Fear of Rejection/Abandonment, Fear of Conflict, Low Self-Esteem/Self-Worth, External Validation Dysfunction, Guilt and Over-Responsibility  Learn More

Overachievers Bundle

workbook, five healing audios

Fear of Failure or Inadequacy, Need for External Validation, Perfectionism, Fear of Losing Control, Identity Over-Attachment.  Learn More

People Pleasing for Small Business Owners

WORKSHOP coming soon 

Sometimes a small business person just wants the business and they over deliver and under charge to keep the client. It only leads to burn out.  Learn More

Protecting Your Energy from Family

audio download to use on repeat

An audio visualisation to do prior to stepping into a dysfunctional family situation and a follow up visualisation to help clear any gunk that landed in your energy. Learn More

Releasing the Grief

workbook, explanation audio and healing 

When you understand why you became a people pleaser, you understand how much of your life you have lost in keeping other people happy. Especially in meaningful relationships.  Learn More

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