I have been following a blog series by one of my mentors James Arthur Ray about Alchemy this last couple of months and boy, has his ‘argument’ really validated things, through his research, that I have felt for a long time about spirituality and religion. It has been great to see him break it down into the actual meaning of the words as they were written for the time.

The most meaningful part of his discussion is the need to get real about life and step away from the la-la “get to your happy place as soon as possible”.

I concur. You cannot get to the good without going THROUGH the bad.

So, how has it inspired me to write today about INTERPRETATION?

Interpretation is so important to our every day. It has clearly shown to me that if we all thought the same way, how flat-lined humanity would be.

You know, like what would people have to whinge about? What would scholars have to argue about? What would philosophers have to philosophise about? NADA!

Let’s not forget our legal industry worldwide. Look there – the laws that are written and then the legal fraternity get to use their highly honed interpretation and comprehension skills to support their clients in their legal battles.

It’s very important.

The most important, which is the biggest kicker in personal development: Imagine how boring our life would be if the Bible just said it like it was? Imagine how boring our life would be if Egyptians made their hieroglyphics simple? Imagine if a leading scribe from the time of Hatshepsut reincarnated and they found him lying in hysterics on the ground because what had been translated was merely a shopping list for her Majesty on the next visit to Thebes? interpretation2

There would be no mystery, romance of the past? People in modern day spending their lifetime looking for hidden meaning?

It had to be written that way to give human’s something to do for all eternity.

Humanity as a greater whole isn’t ready for ‘the truth’. It needs various truth’s to exist. It needs the argument and the complexity, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of money at risk and people are frightened that their world will disappear if someone else’s truth came along and robbed them of everything they’d worked for. Their. Entire. Lives.

There’s a lot of fear associated change isn’t there?

One of my favourite graphics going around facebook at the moment is that Jesus wasn’t a Christian, Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist, and Muhammad wasn’t a Muslim, they were all great teachers who taught love. Love was their religion.

Which is important for another timely #TOPTIP – if you haven’t heard it come out of the horses mouth, then you HAVE to have an allowance for interpretation in the translation of what you are reading. Have to. Have to. Have to.

The most exciting part about this time in our lives though, MANY MANY people are waking up.

The teachers of today are ripping to shreds the teachers of yesterday’s theories.

The people who were able to make statements, have them published, made into law, impregnated on society because communications could only get somewhere by boat, plane or homing pigeon and in many chases, Chinese Whispers. Today, we have the internet, we have social media, we have Gen Y people running multi-million dollar companies who don’t have to pander to the establishment because they have found a market for people who want to live it how it is.

It’s very exciting to be alive right now.

So let’s go back to the graphic up the top there. We are all born with our inbuilt interpretation “GPS” if you will. That little sound that says “go this way, it’s the best way for you”. Everyone of us has it. It’s that little feeling or tingle or bell that goes off at that nano-second in time where your heart is saying ‘that’s your truth’.

Then if you want to really get busy, that’s when you let your brain kick in, when you are seeking your truth, you will listen, and read and ask question after question.

Something will resonate and then you have your inner knowing. IF your head then kicks in with all the “but {blah blah} said” and you start to head back to what you were taught by someone else and ignore your inner knowing that’s when we have a problem.

Do NOT get me wrong. What {blah blah} said isn’t/wasn’t wrong, it’s right for some people and it fits their purpose and soul’s truth. If it doesn’t resonate, and you are following blindly, because it’s the right thing to do, then that’s when the problem becomes the problem and you’ll end up coming to me when you are fully awake to have a Reiki to get your emotional strength back, because the problem got a bit nasty and screwed up your world.

So my dear reader, my recommendation is NEVER stop asking questions. Always come back to what feels right for you. Your heart is your biggest fan, and it knows what’s best for you and your soul. Let people be guided by their heart and soul. Take your hands off the universal steering wheel of domination and know that when you live your truth, they will come. Or not.

The tornado wore a checkered shirt with a turquoise pashmina and won a game of scrabble because it’s hair was it’s aerials.

Waking up?

Photo Acknowledgment: David Dennis Flickr