Specialising in the Emotional Immune System

Amanda is an accredited trauma-informed functional healer with a modality she’s developed since 2009 that merges many mainstream concepts with an energy healing broom that removes the trapped emotions stored in the body’s cells and nervous system.

Amanda’s sessions are completely unique. They are based on a premise of the concept called The Trio of Health where you have three parts to your immune system and Amanda specialises in the emotional aspect, with lived experience and personal research knowledge about the structural and chemical aspects of the trio since 1985.

Some people call them readings, some call them clearings, Amanda calls them sessions. Click the link below to order your session.

Amanda will reach out and confirm the details with you when your order lands.

Keep in mind Monday to Friday and Australian EST when waiting for a reply.

Amanda's Free Resources

Amanda is usually the person people come to when everything else hasn’t achieved the desired results, when they’re at a breaking point and they’ll try anything. Then, sometimes, someone will hear energy healing and automatically have visions of someone who might be holding a magic wand instead of a report detailing the findings of a research project. Amanda is the latter version.  That being said, sometimes listening or watching concepts might help remove fears and unknown quantities. If that’s you, and you’d like to listen to some of Amanda’s concepts, head over to her SoundCloud account or YouTube channel to watch and listen. Don’t forget to leave a comment or a like to let her know your thoughts.

1:1 Sessions are closed 1.July.24

Sessions will reopen later in the year

About Amanda’s Big Picture

Employing Reiki and Yidaki Healers in Hospital Situations

When Amanda began researching support services for Cancer patients in hospital situations, the people who were delivering energy support were the only ones volunteering in the cancer journey. Like the McGrath Foundation which raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia, Amanda would like to do the same for Reiki Healers and First Nations Yidaki Healers.

Thinking about Coaching with Amanda?


Amanda’s coaching programs are a cutting-edge advancement on your normal everyday talk therapy coaching. Amanda works with your scope of what you want to heal or advance in your life by using her unique process developed after thousands of healing sessions that identified a specific pattern for best results. Amanda has mapped out the anatomy of healing trauma and wounds that are stuck in her clients story and therefore body which unravels a background not usually taken into account with mainstream concepts.


How long are Amanda's coaching programs?

Coaching Programs are a minimum of 12 weeks long due to a tried and trusted process Amanda has developed over thousands of sessions since 2009.


Can I have the work without the energy healing?

You can, but the program will need to be longer to help support implementing new behaviours.


I don't think I have trauma, does this coaching still work for me?

Trauma means different things to different people, there will be a reason why you feel blocked and needing support to help you progress in your life. Amanda’s process and gifts at seeing blocks that others can’t is the difference. Trauma has a broad definition, and Amanda’s work covers it all.


Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes, please talk to Amanda about what options are available.


Can I do ongoing work once the program is finished?

Amanda will recommend you go on a ‘maintenance’ program of a session a month to keep your energy on track and to use the debrief options to get clarity and validation.


Do you have anything I could look at to understand your work?

Please go to Amanda’s SoundCloud account for all her free resources. 

Happy Clients

After delivering an earthquake recovery and surviving breast cancer, I was seriously burnt out and just not feeling my usual self. My head was telling me I needed help from a smart person who could help me to process and understand it all. Cue Amanda Foy, Emotional Strength Trainer. She is a woman who has experienced my side of the corporate tracks and right from the get-go, she got me. She is that magic combination of genuinely empathetic and compassionate with oodles of no-nonsense firm. She thoughtfully stepped me through a series of exercises to “join the dots” and rid myself of the blockages that were holding me back.

It worked.

I feel more settled and more energised than I have in years. She was exactly the emotional circuit breaker I needed!

Alex Hanlon

Negotiation Navigator, Fair Pay Negotiations

Amanda Foy came highly recommended when I needed to clear some of the ‘dross’ from my life. I didn’t really understand what Amanda did, but I trusted the person who made the recommendation. Neither the recommendation nor the trust were ill-placed.

I have had both individual and group sessions with Amanda, and all have been extremely effective in going to the heart of the energy in my life that needed to shift. In my first session, Amanda identified a concept that I had been working on – and I hadn’t told her what it was. In a very real sense, she was able to ‘see’ what I ‘saw’. In my latest session, she worked with a concern I had shared and was able to bring clarity around a relationship that was important to me but that had for decades held me back out of fear.

Amanda is insightful, accurate, and trustworthy. She is unconditionally accepting and non-judgemental, and therefore provides a safe place for people to share some of the deep things in their lives that they do not necessarily understand. Amanda brings more than cognitive clarity; she releases energy that has been stifling or restrictive, leaving you feeling lighter – not just for a moment but as an ongoing experience. Once unhelpful energy is released it never returns.

Bron Williams

Australia, Women in Leadership

Amanda is one of those brilliant alternative healers who has her feet firmly planted in science. I love her work and regularly call on her when things go weird. 

Ingrid Moyle

CEO , Heart Harmony Communications

My dear, as usual you have seen and heard me to the depths of my soul. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have someone truly understand what I have been through to get to where I am today.

COVID Patient

Everything you said, read or described jumped up and slapped me on the forehead as to the last few months of my ‘new life’… Listening to your voice and what came through was like having a tick box chart where you got 100% right on everything. Fucking hell Amanda, you are such a gift to this universe and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. 

COVID Patient

My reading was so amazingly accurate – it’s the first time that someone has recognised the breadth of emotions that I have been carrying around forever …. the way you described it all to me was so gentle and just helped me feel heard (not exposed).

COVID Patient

Amanda is an incredibly powerful energy healer. I’ve just had a session with her, and WOW! I felt my energy shift as soon as I booked, and I could feel it continuing to shift and lighten while she was working on me.

She gets right to the core, and does deep work, which is what I wanted, and trusted that I’d have that experience with Amanda.

Thank you so much

Tanya Jolly

Health Manager Clinical Education

Amanda’s work has added an element to my personal development I didn’t expect.

Having a difficult time as a young single mother with a very serious mental health diagnosis, I have been through plenty of therapies, journalling, and inner work.

Later in life, after stabilising myself and finding a beautiful soul to spend my life with, I found medication was starting to really negatively impact my organ functions.

I have used Naturopaths which assisted to restructure my eating and sleeping habits until I felt healthy and well without medication.

Never happy to stick a label on and leave it. My search for truths and contentment continued, and a little voice let me to the inbox of the wonderful Amanda.

I have been using Amanda’s work and personal clearing sessions for almost 12 months. I have been through some very serious changes, both personally and professionally.

Amanda’s clearing work is the perfect facility to let your little voice out. The energy really does shift the fear out of your future, and the interaction and insight from the other members have enriched all my relationships, both personal and business.

Cassie Booth


In 2021 I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, and it was noted as being at significant levels. What the entire medical and psychological profession failed to realise in handing me my diagnosis was that I have a superpower. Since 2014 I have had Amanda Foy in my life. Caught in the hellfire of a messy divorce, I called Amanda one day after meeting her, and I still recall my first words to her….”I really don’t understand what you do, but I am not sure I am going to survive what I am going through. I just get the feeling you can help me. Please help,” and she has. Ever since. By my side, navigating that horrendous marriage breakdown, a highly publicised business receivership, a global media firestorm, loss of control of the narrative, and all the events that unfold as a trauma-fuelled mother to teenagers and young adults. For a while, she stood aside. She knew intuitively she had to. And that was the first time a quiet whisper started winding its way into my heart, that maybe I was resourceful enough to continue the work without her. And I was. Because of what Amanda instilled in me. And as she has come back into my world, she has revealed to me just how powerful I am both with and without her; she has helped me unwrap the deepest of original wounds, and she holds a mirror to the increasingly clever and sneaky ways my trauma still appears, and she has gifted me something so valuable I struggle to give words to. The gift of discernment. Of pause. Of not having to accept the distorted truths contained within complex PTSD. And almost every day now, I pause at some stage, close my eyes, breathe deeply, and thank God for the gift that Amanda is to this world.

Jacqueline Nagle

Human, Mother, Serial Entrepreneur

​Since working with Amanda, my life has changed profoundly and all for the better.

After two years of intense upheaval and loss, I was feeling pretty tired and sad about the prospect of forging ahead with my business and planning my largely DIY wedding. Though I felt grateful for the blessings in my life, I also felt stifled under the weight of sadness and felt desperately ready for a change.

Amanda’s group energy sessions have healed so many stumbling blocks in my pscyche – the ones I knew about and those I didn’t. I’ve released SO many recurring stories that made me feel sad and incapable of progress, and I’ve got a whole library of emotional strength trainer wisdom to call on when I face a challenging situation.

The Facebook group (where the “energy is always on”) is amazing. It’s like being able to dump all my toxic or negative thoughts into a cosmic washing machine as soon as they occur to me. Amanda’s energy in our group clears that particular thought from my system immediately and permanently.

Then, in her weekly sessions, Amanda digs deep to excavate and heal lifetimes and generations of negativity, frustration, and other cellular blockages that hold me back without any particular root in reality.

As a result of our time together. I’ve become fully confident in my ability to help my clients make money (a concept I’ve struggled to believe for YEARS). I’ve kicked my people-pleasing habit, and I’ve surrendered to the fact that I and my business are ready to be reborn in a new and soul-deep incarnation.

If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, do it. Her group program is fabulous and gentle – like a weekly massage for your heart and spirit. Not to mention how funny, warm and down-to-earth she is. No “woo woo” weirdness or speaking in mystical tongues. Working with her is about being healed on the deepest levels in a way that feels natural, authentic, fun and – best of all – the changes are permanent.

Elizabeth Hope Derby

High Performance Business Coach

For a year and a half, I had been going through ‘something’. I didn’t know what but it wasn’t good. I went to the doctors but blood tests and ultrasounds revealed I was perfectly healthy, so they recommended anti-depressants and therapy – I knew that this wasn’t what I needed. The moment I stepped into Amanda’s energy work I began to gain clarity on my issues and the areas that I needed to address. One of the best things about Amanda’s approach to energy healing is her pragmatism. There’s no flaky, airy fairyness. She offers straight-talking, practical (DOH! inducing, in fact) advice coupled with her connection to Source.

Every session feels like a personal message to me; there are wows, tears, a-has, and so much love and acceptance from an amazing bunch of very raw and real humans. And no one tells you off if you say fuck of bollocks! I don’t know where I went or how I got there, but the inexplicable discombobulation is gone.

I feel strong and have a much healthier relationship with myself and therefore, all aspects of my life. I can’t thank Amanda and her work enough for saving me from a road to certain destruction. Maximum love, maximum feels.

Liz Wakelin



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