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I want to let you in on a little secret…. one of the hardest things to do as a human is to put your hand up and say “I’m not coping”. It will be a rare day that I meet someone who hasn’t got something they are working on or through in their life.

We are hardwired to suck it up, not upset anyone, don’t be the one to create drama and rock the boat. We are the 80% of people who watch the 20% of people upset the apple cart and feel powerless to make a change.

You will have heard me say emotional trauma means different things to different people. That’s a really long way of saying “you’re not broken.”

Individual sessions are designed to:

  • Start you on the path to healing your demons
  • Help you untangle the threads that have joined into one big ball of overwhelm
  • Clear out those cellular memories that you know are blocking your path because you are on to it, but can’t shift something
  • Deal with triggers once and for all so you can get on with life
  • Restore your health to a level of bliss.

There are four individual options for you to check out:


Demankings are the option you turn to when you have one issue and you just want to find out where it is stuck in your body. It is a short sharp session, kinda like when you see a marathon runner running by the drinks station and taking a sip and then pouring the rest over your head.

These sessions are also done twice a year at financial year end and also the week before New Years. I clear out all the blockages that are not meant to be taken into the new year. You’ll see the button for these, but they’ll not be linked until they are on sale.

Emotional Strength Training 1:1

This is where we get into the nitty gritty. Together we start the gentle dig into your life to find what has been tucked away in your cellular memory banks over your lifetime.

If you are new to my Emotional Strength Training sessions, then the ideal situation is that I know nothing about you. It’s what I call a clean read.

When I start a session for you, I ask to be shown what needs to be removed that is in your highest and greatest good. Think the onion analogy and know that what WE think might be the memory or life event causing the biggest block might not be the foundation issue at all. Keyword being foundation issue.

Emotional Strength Training Coaching Program

Time to pull out the big guns. Sometimes, someone is so blocked and so stuck in their story they feel like they are drowning, even though they know their feet are on the ground. Overwhelm is a horrible thing. It robs you of so many parts of your life.

This work is designed to keep your energy in the higher vibration for a longer period of time so that you cannot slip back into the same old same old.

That’s what happens with energy, and I’ve seen it in my practice, I’ve done a session for a person, they’ve felt amazing for approximately two hours, then it disappeared and they slipped straight back into the old energy. Saying that it [the EST session] didn’t work. It did work, they didn’t step back, it was just the next layer showed up within a very short amount of time.

That person’s layers of gunk were so significant, the slump came back virtually straight away.

I’m forever indebted to that client because this coaching is especially designed for people who feel so stuck, they’ve tried everything else, and nothing has worked.

What happens:

When you book in, I do a full EST reading on your energy system, covering all eight areas of your energy system.

Then we go to work. We meet weekly for a one hour call on skype, zoom or the phone and we start to identify where the patterns have come from and we start to implement grounded, result driven actions that start to peel back the layers to reveal the most perfect version of your soul that we can achieve while you are still alive.

The structure of energy sessions are:
Week 1, 6 and 12 are full energy sessions covering the full body.

All other weeks the healing sessions heal the specific issue that has come up in the call we have. This is how the patterns are identified and all fears that rise to the surface are also captured in the energy healing.

What it starts to look like is that your resilience grows, your clarity starts to really ramp up and your ability to communicate what’s ok and what’s not ok is off the Shazam! Best of all, you start to fall in love with you and your journey gently – which makes the changes sustainable.

These sessions can have any theme:

Relationships, Weight Loss, Self-Sabotage, Bullying, Overwhelm : Anxiety : Stress, Coping with Narcissists, Family Issues, Sexuality, Chronic illness, Cancer …. Anything.

You name it, we can work on it. Without judgement or fear.

Payment Plans are available as are ongoing life coaching sessions in 6 session chunks. Contact Amanda for more details.


Kids don’t have decades of crap stuck in them, however, as children without an adults life experience, they do have significant issues of being unable to process life events with the innocence their soul is still existing in.

Children’s sessions are often a lot shorter and less detailed that adults, though I still use the same process as I do for grown-ups.

It’s important to know that sessions for children under the age of 12 I am happy to do because the parent needs the support. I started my children listening to their sessions I did for them from the age of 9, so highly recommend that any child be told that someone is going to be helping them feel better.

Children over the age of 12 need to be advised and where possible their email address provided so they can decide if they want their mum or dad to listen to help them process the information.

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