You need to put on weight. No, you’re too fat. You need to lose weight. You look so pretty with makeup on. I prefer the au natural look. Your boobs are hanging out, cover them! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

For the guys: You need to man up. You need to tap into your feelings. Be the provider. Let her contribute to the household income. Get ripped. Don’t be full of yourself. Get out of your cave. Get back in your cave. 

A thousand voices telling you how to be a woman in today’s society.

And not one is yours!

Introducing: HOW TO WOMAN

Redefining, redesigning and recalibrating womanhood in today’s society.

It was never about burning bras.

For the woman who’s sick and tired of being made to feel like she’s a man-hater just because she speaks up for herself.

Now is the time to speak up in a safe and respective environment.

Now is your time to stand in your power alongside men and their own journey.

Now is your time to learn How To Woman through inclusion, cutting out the blame and walking the voice of reason.

Welcome to the era of inclusivity.

Find Your Voice and Use It.

Speak Your Truth and Own It.

Fall In Love With Being A Woman.

Let’s get real. It’s not that you haven’t tried. You’ve read every book about yin and Shakti and the divine feminine. You follow female gurus on social media like a hawk, buying the books they recommend, anointing yourself in the oils they sell, using the same period app to track your moon juice, stuffing your bras with the crystals they suggest and drawing tarot cards to place on your altar approved by them.

All in the name of trying to embody the feminine.

But none of it worked.

So you added in alcohol, makeovers, personal training and diets, chocolate, bubble baths, oysters, champagne and still nothing.

That’s because what you’ve been doing hasn’t even scratched the surface.

I’m here to take you deep into healing your emotional + energetic trauma around being a woman.

Say It With Confidence:
I Love Being A Woman

A swan on the surface but treading water to stay afloat. On the outside, you’re a high functioning woman.

You’ve got the house, the kids, the car, the job – but behind closed doors, your feet are going a million miles an hour trying to keep yourself upright.

That feeling of treading water is suffering.

And that suffering is making you sick.

How To Woman is a 7 week self-study program designed to redefine, redesign + recalibrate being a woman in today’s society.

How To Woman is here to clear those emotional wounds that you’ve been carrying because newsflash: they’re making you sick.

How To Woman is your safe house to speak up, feel supported + respected as you work through the deep healing that your DNA has been carrying around for centuries.

Get A Life That’s In Alignment With You.

Here’s How It Works:

  • 7 modules. 7 weeks. Delivered to your inbox with worksheets.
  • Forever access to the Facebook group to find vulnerability buddies and realise so completely you are not alone in your journey.

Being a woman means stuff is going to come up. Because, life. So this process can be used and reused again and again to go through challenges as they arise.

How To Woman is a tried and trusted method that will show you the patterns as clearly as the red moon on your moon juice app.

Module 1:

In this module, we’ll be documenting the victim statement. We’ll work through the things that have happened and how they’ve made you feel from a victim point of view. We’re going to turn that pain into wisdom. This is the starting process to heal the feminine that’s been damaged and wounded to help you escape the story.

Module 2:

In this module, we’ll create the timeline of the events that have happened as you remember them. We’ll document when it happened, who was involved, how you felt at the time, and how you feel about it now. We’re going to go there. You are going to be articulating things that you may not have been given permission to articulate before. This is a big step, and a quality game changer. All in the name of clearing the gunk.

Module 3:

In this module, we’ll address the physical symptoms that have manifested as a result of your emotional trauma.  You’re going to be surprised at the joining the dots on this one. Things you’d never thought to be connected. Because there’s always a link.

Module 4:

In this module, we’ll dive into recognising genetic memory and energetic memory. We’ll document stories or knowledge of things that your parents and grandparents went through, including your ancestors. It’s all about breaking the patterns for you + the next generation.

Module 5:

In this module, we’ll understand your soul agreements. This is the module you’ll get to say nuh-uh to anything that continues to rob you of your joy.

Acceptance is key this week.

Module 6:

In this module, we begin the process of acknowledging the fears and give them a voice. We’ll bring up deep fears s they can be acknowledged and addressed, setting you free.

Module 7:

In this module, we’ll set intentions for your future and the actions you need to take to start the process. We’ll get you on the path to loving being a woman in today’s society.

The Simple Fact Is,
You Are Woman.
Where’s Your Roar?

Find Your Voice.
Speak Your Truth.
Own Your Destiny.

How to Woman.
Redefining, Redesigning & Recalibrating Womanhood in Today’s Society.

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