Embark on a transformative journey with the People Pleaser Healing Circle – a self-guided community experience where you’ll unlock the secrets to freeing yourself from people-pleasing tendencies. Together, we’ll pave the path to a more authentic, empowered you.

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People Pleasing is a coping mechanism. There are hundreds of books and really great voices on the topic. Every one of those books and voices talk about the long haul approach of practicing techniques, and none of them address how it’s easier said than done.

None of them say that the likelihood of not achieving success is 97% because the fear that comes up when you try a new boundary or go to say no for the first time, the fear takes over and you don’t, or you spend the next three days beside yourself with fear and worry.

Five years of talk therapy, trying to retrain your brain, or the classic “just stop”….. none of that takes into account the emotional blocks stuck in your nervous system firing off the DANGER DANGER DANGER warning signs that keep you stuck and exhausted. 

Retraining takes a really REALLY long time, and then, your sense of failure that comes up when you regress. It’s not a sustainable model for personal development anymore.

What if you could shorten the length of time your active healing took? 

What if it isn’t a retraining thing, but rather a breaking the patterns process?

What if it’s a cutting the lines of communication running through your body process?

This is my signature UNIQUE process and I know it works, because I am living proof of it.


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