Welcome to a journey of profound transformation in the People Pleaser Healing Circle – a unique online sanctuary dedicated to healing the deep-rooted tendencies of people-pleasing. Here, you’re not just another participant; you’re part of a community united in the pursuit of genuine, energetic safety and self-discovery.

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People Pleasing

People Pleasing is a coping mechanism. There are hundreds of books and really great voices on the topic. Every one of those books and voices talk about the long haul approach of practicing techniques, and none of them address how it’s easier said than done.

None of them say that the likelihood of not achieving success is 97% because the fear that comes up when you try a new boundary or go to say no for the first time, the fear takes over and you don’t, or you spend the next three days beside yourself with fear and worry.

Five years of talk therapy, trying to retrain your brain, or the classic “just stop”….. none of that takes into account the emotional blocks stuck in your nervous system firing off the DANGER DANGER DANGER warning signs that keep you stuck and exhausted. 

Retraining takes a really REALLY long time, and then, your sense of failure that comes up when you regress. It’s not a sustainable model for personal development anymore.

What if you could shorten the length of time your active healing took? 

What if it isn’t a retraining thing, but rather a breaking the patterns process?

What if it’s a cutting the lines of communication running through your body process?

This is my signature UNIQUE process and I know it works, because I am living proof of it.


More information about our Circle

 The People Pleaser Healing Circle is a monthly membership where you can listen to the healing sessions every week at your pace and frequency to help you not only process your own story, but also manage your life as it shows up each week. The process has a dual purpose. When you’re ready to shift out of the same old same old and walk through a labyrinth of layers slowly and gently, we can make meaningful changes. 

Each Monday (Australian EST)

Part 1: Amanda does a recording that includes three oracle cards from her People Pleaser Healing Oracle Deck. The feelings and emotions that come up as a theme for areas we can heal for ourselves.

Part 2: The next phase of the healing is tapping into the collective energy of all the members and speaking about the blockages that are ready to come to the surface to be swept away with Amanda’s unique Emotional Strength Training process.

Part 3: Every feeling and emotion associated with People Pleasing is stored somewhere in the body. This is one of Amanda’s main points of difference from other voices in this space. Blocked emotions make you sick. People Pleasing is one rolling blocked emotion after another. Amanda is an accredited trauma-informed energy healer, and her intuitive insights of where the emotions and feelings are stored in a people-pleaser body WILL blow your mind. One of the most common sentences in our community is “you can’t make this sh*t up”. It will change your life. 

While subscribed, you will also have ongoing access to the body library and all the replays that go over themes and emotions. 


Is the People Pleaser Healing Circle Right for You?

Our community is a nurturing and transformative space, ideal for those on a journey of self-healing and understanding. It’s particularly resonant for individuals who have encountered:

  • Childhood Trauma: Unpacking the complexities of your past to foster healing in the present.
  • Shame and Self-Hate: Transforming negative self-perceptions into a journey of self-love and acceptance.
  • Familial Estrangement: Finding solace and understanding in experiences of disconnection and separation.
  • Family Scapegoat Trauma: Find a safe space to land an unravel all of the injustices and become a pattern breaker.
  • Relationship Trauma: Healing from relationships that have robbed you of your joy and happiness.
  • Isolation in Healing: Overcoming the loneliness of healing by being part of a supportive and empathetic community.
  • Further Trauma from Therapy/Mental Health Profession: Providing a safe space for those who have had challenging experiences with conventional therapy.

This circle is also immensely valuable for therapists and coaches seeking deeper insights into their clients’ experiences who are looking to add a more (w)holistic approach to their practice. Amanda’s work has always been from the premise of ‘as well as’, never ‘instead of’. 

However, our circle might not be the right fit if you’re seeking support primarily for:

  • Mental Illness: Our focus isn’t on clinical diagnoses or treatment. 
  • Medications: We don’t provide medical advice or medication management.
  • Diagnoses: Our approach is about personal growth and healing, not diagnosing mental health conditions.
  • Politics and World Events: We center on personal healing journeys, not external societal issues.
  • Immediate Crisis Support: If you require one-on-one support or are in crisis, professional help is recommended.

In the People Pleaser Healing Circle, we’re committed to creating a space where each member can embark on a journey of true transformation and self-discovery, free from judgment and filled with understanding and support.

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