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Healing is multi-layered and when you understand the concept of how traumatic life events get stored in the body, in the cells, in the energy systems and then how that storage system triggers your nervous system into action when a ‘potential threat’ shows itself in your world, you will come to understand how valuable audio healing sessions by Amanda Foy are the missing part of the puzzle helping you to achieve the personal development goals you’ve set yourself.

Amanda’s signature healing modality is a kind of voice-vibration therapy that when played into your headset or ear buds, the words she speaks vibrates through your body, find the blocks and then her visualisation process helps you release the energy.

It’s a game changer.

Each card,

three layers

The companion almanac and oracle cards that these recordings support provide you with the greatest wholistic approach to truly eradicating the burdens of the life you’ve lived from your energy body. 

  • Emotion, coping mechanism, feeling
  • Audio healing
  • Part of the body
  • Essential oil to support the healing

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over and over

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Amanda is setting a new standard in recovery for people who are hell-bent on ridding their life of that which holds them back. Amanda is that person and since 2009 has been on the path of formulating a process that will end your relationship with the sentence ‘I thought I already healed that part of my life’. That’s because you didn’t do the deep cellular healing of the energetic footprint your nervous system has kept humming.

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Set yourself up to be independently ready to handle anything that shows up in your world.


“you are just one aha away from living your best life”

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