The life of an adult these days is nothing short of bombardment of inadequacy.

Social media is pumping daily with meaningful quotes, inspirational messages and pick-me ups. Many of us look at them and nod, click the like button, share on our Pinterest account and never implement them. Some of us do all our sharing based on what we need to hear the most, or in my case, what I’ve just been through in my own life.

Experience is a great teacher.

So with my journey, and now what I teach with much fervor is that emotions are an important part of your every day existence. Don’t ignore them, think they are wrong or shut them down.

If you are living under a constant heavy wet blanket that seems to have a lead going to a power point with it on high and you are burning up, then you may have “Inadequacy Syndrome” and trying to do too much, because you are in some kind of manic hurry to get all your ducks in a row because you know, you like, might die because a Seagull lost it’s sonar and ploughs straight into your carotid artery as you are walking along the esplanade watching the sun come up so you can get all Zen with the day and the green smoothie you are sucking on launches up your left nostril on impact so your death certificate says cause of death “snorting wheat grass and enlarged heart”.

Well, if you don’t want to die by Seagull and snot infused wheatgerm, then listen up.

You can have it all; I even said so to a journo writing for CLEO and got quoted in this months magazine.

I swear on it.

The big thing you are missing, the one key ingredient, the one thing that would stop that Seagull from losing it’s sonar tracking ability.


No, not your calf muscle or your lats as you reach for the green smoothie.

Your definition of YOUR all.

What does having it all mean for you?

Not what it means for your parents, not your partner, not your siblings, not your alcoholic boss driving home drunk in his vintage red Porsche.

Have you had your AHA yet.

Don’t relax though, that Seagull is still circling. There’s much work to do my dear. Much work.

This is where it starts though. All those areas of your life that you live. What is your definition of gold for you?

You see, I will share a little bit of my story. In the self-help world, the spiritual awakening world, self development world… the world I started out in when I got serious about physically, mentally, emotionally living a spiritual existence… there was much about the law of attraction and getting to the positive as quickly as possible and the big one for me “be epic, think big”.

I went through the “I want to be the next Oprah” until I had it pointed out to me that the world doesn’t need another Oprah, she’s got a moratorium on that one. What the world needs is the first “Amanda Foy”.

I was like “oh yeah”. Then I would read stories about how people would attack Oprah for saying things that were her opinion and then a whole division of the world would want to sue her. I don’t want that!! So, I was glad to work on being the first Amanda Foy.

Yes, I want(ed) success, I want(ed) it all. So then I was off like a crazed seagull looking for my next hot chip, that hot chip being the ingredients from all these people around me who I looked at and thought that’s what I needed to have if I was to know success.

When you scrape the surface of other people’s success, there’s really big bits that you don’t see, and really big bits that if you could have a choice, you probably wouldn’t want.

So, I had to get good with what I wanted in my life, and instead of saying “I shouldn’t have to have THAT if I want success”, I decided to write down and say out aloud what my life looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like around all aspects of it. Not just an overall picture, a specific plan for a specific part. All the parts that were bothering me before.

Let me say that again – all the parts that were bothering me in my life. These were the things I had no definition around what I wanted to help me feel successful.

So I wrote and wrote and scribbled out after a couple of days of looking at what I wrote and then wrote again.

I am on my way, and the best thing, I’ve got time.

Psst, come closer… so have you.

Amanda x

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