Today was a good day.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I achieved core happiness many years ago.

Once you achieve core happiness, it allows you to get through the yucky things in life that leave you feeling revolting relatively quickly. Compared to when you are living in an ever perpetuating bucket of misery, core happiness allows you to have a level of happiness while you are experiencing the sad.

This happened to me today, so I want to describe how it works.

One of my favourite business topics to teach is branding, and in particular personal branding. I’m the Branding Chick at the Swagger Project as well as the Passion and Purpose Chick – today both got melded together into a Personal Branding Blueprint Workshop for the Westside Business Women’s Group.

So today I got my happy on, because I got to stand tall in my personal brand as well as business brand and plant the seed of influence to a group of great women.

Here’s where the sad came in. Hearing women’s stories and what they exist in because they have either been taught that that’s just how it is, that you just have to suck it up.

I sometimes sit and wonder what I was thinking stepping into a self-made role of empowering women. It’s such a colossal job.

I get to see the fear, the resistance, the blocks, the speed with which each person looked at the table when asked for a volunteer to share their “who the hell am I” notes….the hope and towards the end, the words of “I’m going to do this.”

One thing that did come up today was women not being nice to other women. That too makes me sad as it did with many in the room. We must must MUST stand together in compassion and understanding. We must.

These sad moments didn’t spoil my day. They made it better. To know that these women felt safe enough to speak their truths did make my heart sing. Vulnerability is a powerful thing.

So, there you go. I hope that helps you to understand that today I experienced both emotions in a number of singular moments…and that’s a good thing.