Group Loving for the Groupiest Groups

The power of groups cannot be diminished or missed. Simply put, many heads make light work … together with the power of vulnerability, the power of speaking your truth in a group of likeminded individuals and realising you aren’t alone.

There’s one really big game changer and point of difference with Amanda’s Retreats and Workshops, her process that protects every individual from another person’s baggage. Ever been to a workshop or away on a retreat and come home feeling heavier than when you left? Amanda’s process and methodology is safe. Everyone’s energy is individually bubbled with Amanda’s unique energy therapy, which means empaths and sensitive souls do not get caught in an energy onslaught as people start to process their blockages and emotional trauma. Best yet, introverts no longer have to suffer through a healing journey with others.


EVOLVED AF Energy Healing Subscription

The process that helps you take your power back through an energy healing audio and written information each week straight to your personal email. The energetic multi-vitamin that allows your emotional immune system to heal and become stronger by the day.


Membership spaces will be offered when they become available in 2020. Ever joined a group of women that you could be just who you are without judgement, without expectations, without feeling like you had to compete, but rather feel like you’ve just sat down in the comfiest lounge, in your comfiest clothes with a glass of your favourite drink in your hand and you just start chatting about life because you know you’re safe to do that? That’s what this is. It’s unprecedented in it’s simplicity, yet the complexity of the healing is unparalleled.


Often the only way to have solid, quality, exceptional results is to physically leave your normal every day and go somewhere so far removed from everything that you are living so that you can truly focus on yourself, without feeling bad about it.

Adulting is hard. It’s not that you want to get away from what is your life, it’s wanting some time out from the responsibility of your normal everyday life. You cannot truly focus on your emotional strength and wellbeing when you are giving so much of yourself away to those you feel responsible to and for.

When you have jobs, partners, kids, family in the mixing pot as well as trying to adult, overwhelm can set in, build up and create havoc in a life that, well maintained, has a greater capacity to cope.

Amanda specialises in gatherings for women, men, high vibrational healers and work teams. With 25 years of corporate team building experience across many industries, you can be assured of leaving one of Amanda’s retreats feeling renewed and on track.


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