Group Growth Seekers

The power of groups cannot be diminished or missed. Energy work can be heavy going with the one on one basis. Group work, can have its heavy moments, and it’s also where many heads make light work … see what I did there just then?

The group formats I create are amazing and safe. I make sure everyone and their energy is an individual bubble so empaths and sensitive souls do not get caught in an energy onslaught. We redefine selfish to being a positive place to be in all of my group options.


E-stands for emotions, energy and evolution. It’s time for new teachings to come into play and e-school is where you can go that is a safe space, free of judgement and full of respect for other people’s journeys.

Masterminds & Workshops

You know that saying “humble enough to know I’m not better than anybody, and wise enough to know I am different from the rest”? This is my truth when you are looking at investing in your personal development.

My point of difference is the clearing energy that gets switched on the minute you walk in the doors, whether they be in real life or over the internet. This is the game changer when it comes to you learning and shifting that baggage that you are done with.

The other natural phenomenon that occurs, without fail, is the absolute best mix of people always comes together for these group formats. I will never get tired of the dinner plate eyes I get when people start sharing their journey and what they want to heal. There’s always a payoff for the teacher in these situations and mine is the meeting of souls who will love, support and honour the process we all need to go through together.

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Often the only way to have solid, quality, unexpected results is to physically leave your normal every day and go somewhere so far removed from everything that you are living so that you can truly focus on yourself, without feeling bad about it.

Adulting is hard.

When you have jobs, partners, kids, family in the mixing pot as well as trying to adult, overwhelm can set in, build up and create havoc in a life that, well maintained, has a greater capacity to cope.

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