I got my mojo back.

For a while now I have been teaching through all that I do that you have to go through the bad to get to the good. You can’t be all la-la and aim for positive when your human is sitting there trying to grow through the experiences that life has to offer. You see being a human means that there are ups and downs, large curves, small corners, low doorways, wide open doorways, cranky people, happy people, people trying to forget, people experiencing so they can remember.

Well, 2014 has been that for me. You know, I am Amanda, so I’m never going to give up. This year though has brought some pretty big life experiences for me that showed me where I needed to make changes. Like big ones.

You know, I’m Amanda, so I listen and learn really quickly … once the Universe hands me the sledge hammer.

That in itself has taught me that I should learn to listen a whole heap earlier than what my former, I know better than the Universe, control freak self used to.

So, the funny thing that happened? I started speaking up and out loud in pictures and in real life about my theory that traumatic life events can cause cancer and major illness. What’s the one thing I want to do the most in my life is speak – I can do it with a mouth full of marbles in 120ft of water – and I’ve been asked to speak twice in like three days.

Who’d have thought that when you step into your purpose and then whack it with your passion you get what you want in life?!

# LIFE TIP: Keep going until you find your purpose. Live your life, don’t be frightened. Yes, you are going to skin your knees a few times, but that’s why you have skin, it grows back. Oh and if you have more than one person tell you something, then that’s the Universe saying “do that”.

If you are looking for a sign that is telling you that you should stop what you are doing if it doesn’t make your soul sing, and do what does, this is it.

I am four days into my dedicated journey with making a difference to people with cancer and in turn helping reduce the possibility of cancer turning up in the future with my Emotional Strength Training Sessions and this time, there’s no tweaking needed. The engine is on the train tracks and the go button has been pushed.

# SPREAD THE WORD 1:  I am looking for support to get my vision to become a major talking point. If you are a natural therapist who works with cancer patients, please consider adding your name to my practitioner list so I can keep you updated on progress with my project.

# SPREAD THE WORD 2: Do you know any businesses or business people who have a philanthropic zeal for researching new ground for the greater good? Please let them know I’d love to speak with them.

# SPREAD THE WORD 3: If you are going through a health crisis or know someone who is, please consider booking a session with me, or stay connected with me on facebook or my database to learn about group events.

I’m so excited and I hope you enjoy hearing about the journey with me.

Yours in the bigger health picture!