FML 2022 – Full Moon in Libra 2022 and Ending the Era born in 1856

On the 16/17th of April, we have a full moon in Libra which will have been building during the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The last time this conjunction happened was in 1856 and everyone has ancestors who were alive then.

This big astrological event is ending an era that took 166 years to pan out.

Whether or not you know your family tree, there’s a great deal of life that’s been lived from a collective point of view as well as any trauma lines handed down in your family. I’ve done the work in my own family tree, and the matchups have blown my mind. I therefore, can’t be the only person alive to be experiencing this.

The Full Moon in Libra is a time to cut loose the wobble and distraction that our life has created for us of late.

KV from Aquarius Nation says “At this time, something happens to show you that wobbling is wasting your life. It’s about waking us up to seeing that YES, we can think about all the fears and all the things that can go wrong, BUT DO WE REALLY NEED TO BE THIS WAY? Do we really need to cover all the bases and think out all the potential pitfalls? OR – do we need to start asserting from our hearts in a new way where we trust what our body says and aren’t so quick to race into all the ways things can go wrong.”

How Does It Work? Collective versus Personal

We all make up the Collective Consciousness. Every human alive on this planet right now is part of the collective living in energy together. That’s why the globe has copped such a hit since the pandemic because a giant quantity of humanity has been living in fear and also living in a new era of lack of trust and having freedoms removed ‘overnight’ because of something out of their control. Right now too, anyone alive that is Gen X or Baby Boomer, will have genetic and stored ‘trauma’ associated to the cold war and threat of nuclear war because of what’s happening in Ukraine. These energies are created through the collective because at some level we are all living through it. Then, you bring it down to your personal situation and how it’s affecting your life as an individual with all the real issues in your every day. Collective work helps very well, and then sometimes, if for example you’re like me, and you’ve found a very significant link back to the time of 1856 that you know needs healing, then you go deep into a personal level healing where you allow me to go and find all the threads that exist in you now back to then. Energetic genetic trauma is a real thing in my world.

Collective work will unravel a great deal to help you cope with the world, and then a personal session will unhook anything linked to your story for good.

Both sessions are covering 8 areas of life.

The collective covers layer one of your existence. The personal goes to your soul and removes the gunk from your actual lineage back to 1856.

What Happens?

When you sign up to the Collective Healing and or the Personal Healing, you will be directed to the Facebook Group where you will have 8 units ready for you to listen to and dive into the action steps.

You will be given a reading covering

  • the overall issue prior to healing
  • the blocks to having quality innermost thoughts
  • the blocks to being able to see your future and use your imagination
  • the blocks to being able to speak your truth
  • the blocks to being able to attach to your heart (core) truth
  • the blocks preventing you from tapping into your gut instinct
  • the blocks preventing you from jumping into your creator
  • the blocks that have been keeping you stuck in a foundation that no longer serves you.

Access Options and VIP to E-School for ongoing support

This is a do it at your own pace option with the ability to tag Amanda in the group to ask questions if you get stuck. If you choose this membership your membership lasts for the life of the group or as long as there is internet. This is a permanent fixture on Amanda’s menu of services.

Every E-School member in the online group receives the Manifesting group as part of their membership as well as loads of other great things.

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