I would like to think I am an interesting person.

I have had many life experiences and met many interesting people in my life.

I have met those that I’ve looked at in awe and said “I want to be like them when I grow up”, I still have those times, and at 43, I don’t expect they will ever go away.

We are all on our own journey home as they say, all learning how to remember why we came here and what we are meant to be doing.

Understanding we all came from two parents – two people who had whatever life experiences they had to bring you into the world, whether it was planned or not planned, whether both those people actively took part in your life, or whether different people took part in your life, all those combinations make you who you are today.

Now, when you understand that those two people are/were just people, just like the person who took the car park you spied as you drove into the Christmas shopping vortex of doom, just like the person waiting in line to buy the Wiggles tickets, just like the person standing at the front of the room lecturing you on algebra… the two people who existed, and proved science and life is a miracle are just two people.

Somewhere along the way we have been told that because they are ‘family’ they must either exist by a different set of rules, or we as the next generation must abide by the “I am your family, you will bow to my will” [said in Darth Vadery type voice].

This is the biggest load of bollocks you have been fed, especially if you are reading this and you have family that does your head in, or like me, you’ve been wondering since you were a teenager if your family chose you out of the frozen pea section at the supermarket.

Your parents, your siblings, your cousins, your aunts, your grandparents, uncles, nephews, neices and yes your CHILDREN are all just other humans living their life.

Think about that concept for a second that your children chose you to be their parent, or you chose your parents to be your parents.

I’ll give you a bit more time if you need.

Has it landed yet?

When you chose your parents to be your parents when you were nothing but a blip in a cosmos of gooey stuff, that means that every single solitary other family member that existed before you and after you arrived is part of the human race too. You must have chosen them as well to live your life’s experiences.

The only human that you make a conscious decision to be with, that is if you live in a country where things aren’t planned for you and you didn’t need to do the horoscope first, and then even then, on a quantum level, you still chose them is your partner / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife.

That’s the only other human that you make the decision to be in their life, and THEN that brings a whole set of rules with it as well.

Expectations that one must be a certain way because you share blood, a last name, a bed is the reason why so many people suffer with family issues.

I hope that you have had something land for you as you read this.

If you need some more help or a place to vent, then I invite you to come and join the Black Sheep Club with me so I can help you get to the bottom of your issues so you can look at all those family members with love and compassion – even if you have to do it with a microscope, periscope, telescope or via Skype – I promise you can get to that place to give you the emotional strength and freedom to just live your life.

Seriously plan for this so your Christmas is dreamy this year.