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Your life’s straight up shit right now or has the potential to turn to shit in a heartbeat.

You are at the proverbial crossroads and you are stamping your foot in tantrum asking the Universe: When. Is. It. Going. To. Be. My Turn? FFS!

And that’s a hard truth to swallow.

But It’s the Truth.

There’s never enough money. You want to stab your spouse with a blunt fork. You’re feeling guilty because you’re not doing this thing called ‘being a mum’ right. No one listens to you.

Everyone’s an arsehole.

Sorry to break it to you but….

It’s not them. It’s you.

You’re in your own way. You know what you want, you can feel it to the core of your being, but you just.can’t.get.there.

Your emotional baggage and belief system is in complete and utter control of the level of success, health and happiness you’re experiencing.

Your emotions take over as soon as there’s a trigger and you can’t seem to control the negative spiral of thoughts and emotions that come out.

You’ve got yucky emotional blockages all up in your system stopping you from enjoying all that life has to offer, and then some.

The Good News: You Can Change You.

The Quickest, Easiest Way? Become an Evolutionary and Join Evolved AF Group Mentoring.

EVOLVED AF: Your Energetic Multivitamin.

To be taken every Monday to move you through your stressed out, emotionally draining and overwhelming life.

This school teaches you what it feels like to evolve through your emotional health, to feel safe in those emotions and to heal the cellular memory attached to the stories.

It teaches you about the Trio of Health – you have three parts to your immune system.

It teaches you about the Anatomy of Awareness; a teaching developed by Amanda.

It’s a very unique blend of counselling, neurology concepts and energy healing.

WARNING: Side effects include:

  • Having your cake and eating it too.
  • Smiling with all your teeth showing and your cheeks hurting.
  • Extra zeros added to your bank account’s bottom line.
  • Less family dramas and fighting.
  • The best sex.
  • Opening your mouth, speaking what’s on your mind, and being blown away by how freaking amazing you are.

EVOLVED AF MENTORING is the only teaching and learning community that is underpinned with an energetic broom that sweeps away the cellular mank, that provides emotional clearing at the energetic level to help people step into their life, leaving behind overwhelm, stress and sadness.

All you have to do is set your intention and leave the rest to me, where I take out the stuck energy that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams effortlessly.

When you join EVOLVED AF you get an energetic healing every Monday morning.

Hey, I’m Amanda, and let’s talk about energy.

When I say ‘energy’ your mind probably goes to a few things: food energy, electrical energy, or solar energy if you are all about the environment, but let me tell you, to live your best life with the least amount of effort, you need to zoom out and look at the bigger picture here.

The way we’ve been taught to view energy is very limited, and it’s not the whole picture.

Because here’s what’s up:

Everything is made up of energy. Every single thing. The cells of our body, the viruses and colds we catch, the prescription medicines we take, and ding ding ding, you got it, your emotions.

The emotions you feel are made up of energy.

The type of energy most people are aware of is physical energy. For example: we eat energy in the form of carbs, fats and proteins and they provide us with the energy to stay alive and do things. And we burn off energy when we got for a run. And we feel solar energy when we sit in the sun. And we use electrical energy when we switch on a light.

Energy itself is made up of things called atoms, which are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everything in the universe. and atoms vibrate.

We define and categorise things in our world based on how their atoms are grouped and what frequency they are vibrating at.

That means your emotions have a certain vibration that is changing the energy in your body and your environment.

We can’t see and measure all energy physically just yet, but we can work with it.

We can change our lives by changing our energy.

So, when it comes to me helping you overcome your stressed out, emotionally draining and overwhelming life,

I Work With Your Energy System, Bypassing the Physical To Get  You Living Your Best Life Possible With The Least Amount Of Effort.

And because energy vibrates and never stops, I work on you and the EVOLVED AF community every Monday. And that’s why it’s like an energetic multi vitamin.

All you have to do is set your intention, because intentions are also energy, and leave the rest to me where I take out the stuck energy that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams effortlessly.

When you become an Evolutionary and join EVOLVED AF, you get:

An instant community that will hold space for you, no matter what is going on in your life.

A high vibrational mentor that is only a tag away and an international group where someone is always awake, and when the Mentor is awake, she’s sharing and providing meaningful content to help you understand why you are feeling the way you’re feeling every day. 

Accelerated learning in what’s required to join the dots to the story that is holding you in it’s grasp.

A group energetic healing session every Monday morning.

The energy healing video is posted in our Private Facebook Group every Monday Australian EST, however you do not have to be there to receive the healing.

Remember, we’re working with vibrational energy which is beyond the physical energy of your body being there on the call.

You’ll still receive the benefits as if you’ve attended a live healing.

Every session is also turned into an audio file, so you’ve got access to listen to them as and when you need to. They are linked at the bottom of each email.

But, even if you don’t post your intention OR listen to the recording, your energy still receives the clean out.

Regular Question or Card Sessions

So often we have burning questions that we’d like answers to, with a smidge of intuitive advice thrown in. We have regular card reading sessions throughout the year and usually, it’s by someone in the group trying to hone their skills in a safe environment. Amanda is very much about it taking a village to ‘raise the kids’, so when you become and Evolutionary, you’ll soon learn what a find collection of healers we have in there. In fact, members have gone on to start their own businesses from the practice they’ve had in the group.

Regular Masterclasses about various topics.

EVOLVED AF is also a teaching community. It’s ideal for people wanting to bring a new way of living into their life because their old ways don’t work anymore. Each time Amanda holds a masterclass, you’ll be able to register for a masterclass to jump onto a webinar or zoom call to learn about specific topics to do with life and health. We’ll have guests as well. All masterclasses are included in your membership, no exceptions. In 2020 Amanda will be looking for major life transits from astrology research to see what masterminds will be best suited to the collective. In 2019 the main mastermind was 18 weeks long and designed to heal the last 20 years of life. This mastermind will also still be available to anyone who joins before the end of 2019 – it’s been made into a course with units.

An online group of seriously amazing human beings.

This is like the group of best friends you’ve always wished you had. The place to hang where you can get things off your chest, ask for group support and celebrate all the wins you’ll start to experience.

This crew will become your lifelong friends.

My energy is tuned to healing the group 24/7.

I call it the “Foy Effect” and it never turns off, dries up or quits. So if you need additional healing and you share it with me and others in the group, you’ll get it. We have a cool process called #dumpandrun and one of our members took 24 minutes for her issue to go when she used the process.

The best bit for Quarterly or Yearly Membership: % off the price of ALL my 1:1 sessions.

That’s right – anytime you want some private 1:1 work where we drill down to your personal situation, you will receive the special Evolutionary rate that apply to your level of membership, as a thank you from me.

So What Could  Your Life Look Like Without Your Emotional Baggage And With EVOLVED AF?

You could:

  • Make $48,000 in one month. (This person is now a millionaire living the dream corporate and personal life)
  • Land the job of your dreams.
  • Have the best connection with your spouse.
  • Handle your stressful and dodgy family with ease and grace.
  • Get the best sleep of your life.
  • Be in the best shape of your life.
  • Start up your very own business and get clients.
  • Have orgasms like you’ve never experienced.

That list isn’t a list of hypothetical dreamy scenarios where I get you to imagine what your life would be like.

That list is a sample of real result Evolutionary’s are experiencing.

That’s right.

When We Work on the Energy, the Results Show Up Physically.

Just like how I know you’ve searched ‘colonic irrigation’ in Google, because blue cheese and bread is just too bloody tempting and you know you need a clean out, EVOLVED AF will sweep your yucky emotional blockages out of your system.

Become an Evolutionary and Join EVOLVED AF Today and Get An Energetic Healing Every Monday Morning.

Here’s what more of the EVOLVED AF crew are saying:

  • Had the best month ever in my business.
  • Received a book contract.
  • Made a huge leap in my career.
  • Got a shit load of full-paying awesome clients.
  • People are throwing money at me.
  • Paid off my debts.
  • Manifested $20K.
  • Found my voice and it’s loud and clear.
  • Shifted decades of old emotional baggage.
  • Healed a long-term health issue on my body.

You Want Some? Come Get Some.

Since working with Amanda, my life has changed profoundly and all for the better.

After two years of intense upheaval and loss, I was feeling pretty tired and sad about the prospect of forging ahead with my business and planning my largely DIY wedding. Though I felt grateful for the blessings in my life, I also felt stifled under the weight of sadness and felt desperately ready for a change.

Amanda’s group energy sessions have healed so many stumbling blocks in my pscyche – the ones I knew about and those I didn’t. I’ve released SO many recurring stories that made me feel sad and incapable of progress, and I’ve got a whole library of emotional strength trainer wisdom to call on when I face a challenging situation.

The Facebook group (where the “energy is always on”) is amazing. It’s like being able to dump all my toxic or negative thoughts into a cosmic washing machine as soon as they occur to me. Amanda’s energy in our group clears that particular thought from my system immediately and permanently.

Then, in her weekly sessions, Amanda digs deep to excavate and heal lifetimes and generations of negativity, frustration, and other cellular blockages that hold me back without any particular root in reality.

As a result of our time together. I’ve become fully confident in my ability to help my clients make money (a concept I’ve struggled to believe for YEARS). I’ve kicked my people-pleasing habit, and I’ve surrendered to the fact that I and my business are ready to be reborn in a new and soul-deep incarnation.

If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, do it. Her group program is fabulous and gentle – like a weekly massage for your heart and spirit. Not to mention how funny, warm and down-to-earth she is. No “woo woo” weirdness or speaking in mystical tongues. Working with her is about being healed on the deepest levels in a way that feels natural, authentic, fun and – best of all – the changes are permanent.

Elizabeth Derby

[E-Life] has added an element to my personal development I didn’t expect.

Having a difficult time as a young single mother with a very serious mental health diagnosis I have been through plenty of therapies, journalling and inner work.

Later in life after stabilising myself and finding a beautiful soul to spend my life with, I found medication was starting to really negatively impact my organ functions.

I have used Naturopaths who assisted to restructure my eating and sleeping habits until I felt healthy and well without medication.

Never happy to stick a label on and leave it. My search for truths and contentment continued and a little voice let me to the inbox of the wonderful Amanda.

I have been using [E-Life] and personal clearing sessions for almost 12 months. I have been through some very serious changes both personally and professionally.

Amanda’s clearing and private group is the perfect facility to let your little voice out. The energy in [E-Life] really does shift the fear our of your future, and the interaction and insight from the other members have enriched all my relationships both personal and business.

Cassie Booth

For a year and a half I had been going through ‘something’. I didn’t know what but it wasn’t good. I went to the doctors but blood tests and ultrasounds revealed I was perfectly healthy, so they recommended anti-depressants and therapy – I knew that this wasn’t what I needed. The moment I stepped into the [E-Life] energy began to gain clarity on my issues and the areas that I needed to address. One of the best things about Amanda’s approach to energy healing is her pragmatism. There’s no flaky airy fairyness. She offers straight talking, practical (DOH!inducing, in fact) advice coupled with her connection to Source.

Every session feels like a personal message to me; there are wows, tears, a-has and so much love and acceptance from an amazing bunch of very raw and real humans. And no one tells you off if you say fuck of bollocks! I don’t know where I went or how I got there, but the inexplicable discombobulation is gone.

I feel strong and have a much healthier relationship with myself, and therefore all aspects of my life. I can’t thank Amanda and [E-Life] enough for saving me from a road to certain destruction. Maximum love, maximum feels.

Liz Gibbons

[E-Life] is an amazing online community filled with open, aware and compassionate like-minded souls. It provides a non-judgmental place to vent and offload, and a supportive environment for connecting the dots and healing emotional wounds. The mutual respect and love within the group sis unlike that of any other group that I have been a part of.

Amanda’s insight, compassion and guidance is the spiritual glue that holds the group together and provides the safe place for all [E-Life] members to land.

Anne Pichora

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