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Evolution Revolution has been specifically created for people who do NOT do groups, who just want the information, who are masters at their own healing. 

Ideally, you’re a self-starter, implementer, an action-taker and you don’t need a group to help support you on your road to a happier, healthier you.

You do need a bit of a hand on what direction you need to go in each week when it comes to understanding that life leaves a footprint, and with the information of WHERE to focus, you can become a self-healing ninja powering through your life like an Olympic hurdler. You know how it works, you’ve still got to start, run and jump over hurdles AND you always finish your race.

You have an open mind when it comes to healing and health options, either that, or you are at the end of your rope and you’re ready to try anything just to get some emotional relief from life. 

This membership is IDEAL! 


As soon as subscriptions hit 1000 people, Amanda will be
Sponsoring Reiki Therapists and Other Energy Healers who 
donate their time to Cancer patients through Hospital Wellness

It’s often the case that the energy healer is the only one who 
doesn’t get paid of all the health professionals supporting someone
through cancer and Amanda would like to see that the energy 
therapist can pay their bills too.The greater the membership, the more healers we can sponsor.

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