What the hell is an Emotional Strength Training Session?

Let me begin with acknowledging that this concept might be new to you, and it’s highly likely you are reading this because one of your friends have said “I don’t know what she does, it just works”. Emotional Strength Training is essentially 33 years of my life, learning, research, qualifications and unique gifts melded together to create my own unique energy therapy.

I began my journey of professional Energy Therapist in January 2009 and since then, I have done thousands of sessions.

Can I tell you, virtually every new client that comes to me because they trust their friend or family when they say “just book in, you won’t be sorry”, has profound outcomes and we both celebrate the surprise of the accuracy of the information. I never get tired of hearing “how could you have known that?’

I understand that this concept might be hard to wrap your head around, so I want to assure you that nothing is ever what you think it is, just to make it more easy to understand.

Incredibly, you might have something in your today disturbing your peace, that was created when you were a child and that’s the memory or information I see on your first session. When I ask to be shown what needs to leave that is no longer in your “highest and greatest good”, invariably it’s something completely different or unexpected. Think the onion analogy and know that what WE think might be the memory or life event causing the biggest block might not be the foundation issue at all. Keyword being foundation.

Did I mention that it’s a mind blowing experience for people who can describe themselves as ‘control freaks’ – there’s no hands on the wheel with Emotional Strength Training work.

Emotional Strength Training Sessions are like an energetic alignment of your soul covering eight areas of your energy system.

I teach that trauma means different things to different people. I teach that your definitions to any aspect of your life are just as valid as the next persons, even though they look different. What works for you, might not work for another person.

Maybe life has taken a turn that you weren’t expecting and you are in uncharted territory and you were always hopeless at reading maps.

Maybe life has gotten on top of you and all the traditional ways of handling things haven’t worked.

Maybe the same old same old isn’t giving you the results you’ve been used to and you are ready for something new with a game changing element. An element that will be described your secret weapon in no time.

Have a read through the different options below to see what might be a fit for you.

What Happens?

The EST Process

When you book in for your session, you give me permission to tap into your energy body to ask your soul to show me what is disturbing your peace and needs to leave.

Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy. 

The premise of Emotional Strength Training is that emotional trauma makes you sick. Sick covers anything from not coping with life, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage… all the way to recurring illness, auto immune disease and cancer.

When I tap into your energy using my unique gift of being able to see trauma stuck in a person’s body, I am shown the issues through a various number of mediums. Sometimes I see parts of the body, colours, animals and memories or scenes. I don’t know what I am looking at with the memories or scenes so I describe everything I am seeing in minute detail. When it comes to the parts of the body, colours and animals, I have a number of reference that I use to help me get the extra information to join the dots together in a voice recording.

I have clients all over the world, which means you do not need to be present or on the other end of the computer while I am doing your energy session. All my work is described as remote healing. It’s basis is Quantum Physics where energy is everywhere.

The recording is done in an orderly fashion where I describe your body as it walks into the space in my minds eye and then I go through the chakra system from your crown to your base to bring everything into balance.

When we have the debrief session, we go over the findings, join the dots and I provide any further information that comes up as we are chatting. Often the voice recorded session reminds you of important things that have occurred in your life and we are able to fit those into the puzzle piece to help you understand why your life isn’t going the way you’d like it to.

The best part about these sessions is there is no lip-service. That means that what ever comes up in the session is leaving your energy system, making way for more resilience and ability to live your life without suffering.

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