Isabelle stares blankly at the screen and she can feel it coming on a **GIANT EYE ROLL**

Slamming her hand down on the desk! I DON’T DO GROUPS FFS!

Sobbing as she looks at the ceiling asking “when can I have real information that I can implement without having to talk to anyone about ittttttt?”

Are you Isabelle?

So far this year you’ve felt like everything is on the go slow train AND it’s generating enough doubt that everything is going to crash and burn.

When. Is. It. Going. To. Be. My. Turn. Is imbedded into your forehead so deeply it’s causing migraines.

You’ve done too much people-ing. People are half of your problem.

Your soul might be saying over and over “NO MORE PEOPLE”.

Life is overwhelming.

You know you are at a crossroad.

You know that when you are around other people and their stuff, you tend to focus on their stuff and leave yours to hide behind the curtain.

You know that this year is setting you up for the next 20-30 years. You know that you have stuff stuck in your life and body.

That scares the living crap out of you.

It’s rendering you frozen staring into space at different points of your day.

But, you just don’t want more people …

This has everything to do with life begging you to put yourself first and know you’re safe to do that.

In your own way.

Your emotional baggage together belief system is your business.

No one else get’s a say in that.

Your view of the world and how the world is showing up is adding to the negative spiral of thoughts and emotions that come out.

They are coming out of your mouth as you are blowing up at people. Or it’s coming out in your body as something making you sick or live in pain.

Those emotional blockages you’ve tucked away these last 20 years have now shown up in their knuckle dusters, and they are forcing your hand.

And you know what scares you the most? JUDGEMENT 

The Good News: You Can Change THIS Reality You’re Faced With Today.

The Quickest, Easiest Way? Sign up for E-School Unplugged

The BEST News: No People. Just your energy and the healing sessions.

E-School Unplugged is still your Energetic Multivitamin.

To be taken every Monday to move you through your stressed out, emotionally draining and overwhelming life.

This school teaches you about Emotions, Energy and Evolution and how to IMPLEMENT the teachings.

It teaches you about the Trio of Health – you have three parts to your immune system.

It teaches you about the Anatomy of Awareness; a teaching developed by Amanda.

It’s a very unique blend of counselling, neurology concepts and energy healing.

WARNING: Side effects include:

  • Having your cake and eating it too.
  • Smiling with all your teeth showing and your cheeks hurting.
  • Extra zeros added to your bank account’s bottom line.
  • Less family dramas and fighting.
  • The best sex.
  • Opening your mouth, speaking what’s on your mind, and being blown away by how freaking amazing you are.
  • Less stress, in all it’s forms. It’s like there’s no panic anymore.

E-School Unplugged is the only teaching and learning community that provides emotional clearing at the energetic level to help people step into their life, leaving behind overwhelm, stress and sadness. No potential judgement.

Just you and your personal thoughts, feelings and actions and my voice telling you what emotional trauma is being removed from your cellular memory, where ever you are in the world.

All you have to do is set your intention and leave the rest to me. I take out the stuck energy that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams effortlessly.

When you join E-School Unplugged, you get an energetic healing audio to your email every Monday Australian EST.

Hey, I’m Amanda, and let’s talk about energy.

When I say ‘energy’ your mind probably goes to a few things: food energy, electrical energy, or solar energy if you are all about the environment, but let me tell you, to live your best life with the least amount of effort, you need to zoom out and look at the bigger picture here.

The way we’ve been taught to view energy is very limited, and it’s not the whole picture.

Because here’s what’s up:

Everything is made up of energy. Every single thing. The cells of our body, the viruses and colds we catch, the prescription medicines we take, and ding ding ding, you got it, your emotions.

The emotions you feel are made up of energy.

The type of energy most people are aware of is physical energy. For example: we eat energy in the form of carbs, fats and proteins and they provide us with the energy to stay alive and do things. And we burn off energy when we got for a run. And we feel solar energy when we sit in the sun. And we use electrical energy when we switch on a light.

Energy itself is made up of things called atoms, which are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everything in the universe. and atoms vibrate.

We define and categorise things in our world based on how their atoms are grouped and what frequency they are vibrating at.

That means your emotions have a certain vibration that is changing the energy in your body and your environment.

We can’t see and measure all energy physically just yet, but we can work with it.

We can change our lives by changing our energy.

So, when it comes to me helping you overcome your stressed out, emotionally draining and overwhelming life,

I Work With Your Energy System, Bypassing the Physical To Get  You Living Your Best Life Possible With The Least Amount Of Effort.

And because energy vibrates and never stops, I work on you and the E-School community every Monday Australian EST. And that’s why it’s like an energetic multi vitamin.

All you have to do is set your intention, because intentions are also energy, and leave the rest to me where I take out the stuck energy that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams effortlessly.

When you subscribe to E-School Unplugged, you get:

A private soundcloud audio file to your email every Monday. (Aust EST)

A downloadable worksheet, specifically designed for Amanda’s unique process.

The information you need to know about what’s been cleared out of your energy system from the week before and sometimes from a long time ago as well.

The knowing that everything that is progressing and growing in your life will also be enhanced so you can’t go backwards.

Remember, we’re working with vibrational energy of the collective whole, meaning we all go through similar things during different periods of our life, and that’s what I tap into with this reading and vibrate that into your ears, through your brain and the rest of your body.

Information is power.

When you know what’s been removed, then you feel it in your waters that you have a greater capacity to handle life.

The best bit: the unexplainable resilience and capacity to handle the stuff life throws at you. 

What could it look like for you having this inside information and you personally developing without another soul knowing? 

You could:

  • Have people asking you why you’re so calm all of a sudden?
  • Ask for that promotion and no give yourself a stroke leading up to it with fear.
  • Relate to your spouse like never before and really see why you chose each other.
  • Handle your stressful and dodgy family with ease and grace.
  • Sleep better.
  • More clarity in your every day as you see things with new eyes and hear things with new ears.
  • Stand there with tears because you know that you just went through something without triggers for the first time in years.
  • The emotional freedom to relax enough to finally have orgasms.
  • All.The.Old.Baggage.Gone. a distant memory from someone you used to know.

That list isn’t a list of hypothetical dreamy scenarios where I get you to imagine what your life would be like.

That list is a sample of real results those who use the UNPLUGGED audio as their secret weapon.

They are experiencing this as you read.

That’s right. Can you imagine FINALLY knowing who you are and what you want in life? 

When We Work on the Energy, the Results Show Up Physically and in YOUR Reality.

This is different. It brings information with explanations and analogies that create the pictures in your mind of how to handle things, THEN the power to actually handle them. For real. Without FEAR. You just do it. The triggers and the blockages are gone.

Sign-Up for E-School Unplugged Today and Get Your Unconscious Brain Reading Every Monday.

Here’s some of the feedback from the unplugged crew:

  • I’ve never felt this calm.
  • I spoke my truth and it didn’t turn to shit.
  • Was able to speak my truth at work and they agreed with me.
  • First time ever I didn’t give a shit when they stuffed me around on site. It just didn’t bother me.
  • I handled something that was potentially devastating with ease and grace. No devastation.
  • Manifested my dream job.
  • Found my voice and it’s loud and clear.
  • Finally understood the level of conditioning I’d been living with and handed it back.
  • Healed a long-term health issue on my body.

You Want Some? Come Get Some.

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