verb  |  de-mank-ing  | ()dë-mank
Derivative of Mank or Manky
(Britain, slang, originally Polari)  Something that is disgusting or manky.
“The plumber had to get all the mank out of the drain”.
To demank is to extract the mank.


You’ve heard about the end of year demankings for humans? Well this is the next step in helping you understand energy and everything that is energy – including money – including your business.

If this has you raising an eyebrow or ready to click escape, click HERE to read about Emoto’s Water Experiment.

Money, or more pointedly your financial health in your personal life or business, has the same energy as the water in Dr Emoto’s experiment.

So think back to this financial year just gone. Are you happy as a pig in mud because it’s your best year yet? Did you plateau? Did you go backwards? Was there lots of struggle and you made it through by the skin of your teeth?

No matter what, this year has a cellular memory now, and if you are ready to go to the next step, then you want to enhance what was great and demank what went wrong so that it doesn’t impact 2017/2018.

What are they for?

Each year life shows up and we live through it. What we want to do is keep the great stuff that happened and we want to clear out the emotional trauma so that it transforms into wisdom rather than something manky that will cause us to trigger repeat patterns in the year to follow.

I an take that energy out of your financial story to free you and it up for the 2017/2018 financial year.

Half of this financial year was part of the year of completion, which was the end of 10 years of life. So, more than every, you want this energy done and gone so that the new beginnings can shine really bright.

How is it possible? Well, we don’t now what life is going to show up with, and life does show up … every day. What this work will help you do is cope with things in your financial life and or business in the new financial year.

No more fear of bad financial things repeating themselves

Simply put, your sense of contentment around your money situation will be able to flow a whole lot stronger.

OK, so what happens and what do i get?

When you book in, you are putting your energy into this big mixing bowl that I call the greater whole. You give me permission to tap into your personal energy around your financial stuff and I ask you to come into this ‘working space’ that is safe and protected. You are a single cell, you will not have anything attach to you and your ‘stuff’ will not attach to anything or anyone else. If you choose the business session, then your business energy will be added into the space.

I then start describing what I can see. Everything I am shown is being removed. That’s the great thing about my work, it gets brought to the surface and swept away. Permanently. It will not come back.

You will have memories or feelings come up as you hear what I’ve found and tha’t’ how you know that your part of the greater whole is being healed. It’s very cool and very unique.

I then upload the recording into a private soundcloud file and email it to you. The recording will be anywhere from 30 minutes or more. You are encouraged to listen to it as often as you can within three days of the recording to hear all elements of it and write your notes and make your plans.

It’s important to know that you do not need to do anything differently to your normal day.

It’s a very cool process.

Have you heard of the concept that thoughts become things? Well, there is science available now that shows that indeed, our thoughts can affect our physical reality.

This is where demanking™ the greater whole comes in.

Demanking™ locates where the stuck emotions are within your physical body around a given topic and removes the traumatic energy around the issue for good. This session is money issues.

This greater whole session is specifically designed to clear out any cellular foot-prints in your life from the last year that started on 1 July 2016 and finishes on the 30th of June – hence why you get the session on that day. We as a community, as the greater whole, have been through things that really have defined us this last 12 months here and also with global influences and ideally, what we want it to become is innate wisdom, not fears of more of the same.

We don’t want it to become trigger happy fears, sabotage, limiting beliefs.

That’s what this work does, it clears out the manky bits and just leaves out the wisdom.

This session covers eight areas of your money energy and the recording will be anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes long. It’s hard to say definitively because I don’t know what’s going to show up.

Act now and book your demanking via the buttons below.

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