What is Emotional Strength Training?

Part of my journey is to be taken seriously when it comes to ALL parts of why:

(a) your life might feel like it’s a giant bucket of shit

(b) a nagging headache won’t go away, or

(c) an awareness feels like a mozzie is buzzing by your ear, when you know you’re up-levelling but can’t get to the bottom of the blockage, no matter how many times you tell the Universe you are ready.

Emotional Strength Training™ is a unique process that encompasses energy therapies and traditional teachings alongside the scientific evidence of neurology, genetics, epigenetics and quantum physics.

There’s three levels of awareness that we operate in – two that everyone knows about and the third that not many people do, and where my “point of genius” exists. Cellular awareness. When you understand that emotional trauma exists in our cellular body and you use my unique method of energy therapy to remove it, you will know true emotional freedom and in many cases a better level of health. Check tools for the science behind what I just said.

Essentially, it is a process of joining the dots and building a jigsaw puzzle, underpinned with a giant energetic broom that sweeps away the cellular footprint that an emotional trauma has created.

It is my theory that all illness and lack in an individual’s life is from an emotional trauma. How the individual is responding in their life is because emotional trauma means different things to different people.

There is no right or wrong level of trauma. It just is.

I have been personally learning and researching about all elements of health since 1985 when my Chiropractor, Dr Ian G Matiland, introduced me to the concept of Neuro Emotional Technique.

I teach from the premise of the Trio of Health with an additional foundation of spirituality practices.

I have learned over the last 30 years that what I am looking at energetically can be pinpointed to a side of the triangle. I am the emotional immune system specialist and I have a great team of dedicated health professionals that I work with to ensure that qualified professionals are helping you put the jigsaw back together.  (The health professionals I work with include Chiropractors, Medical Nutritionists, GPs, Psychologists, Acupuncturists and Counsellors.

I’m excited to get started with your energy!

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