The Emotional Strength Training Handbook

Spiritually exhausted from all the crystal-charging high-vibing tonics + meditation + yoga you’re supposed to be doing/being/having everyday? Ready to rage out of your spiritual cage because nothing’s changed since you started <insert latest spiritual fad here>?

Screw Your Spiritual Fads.

Learn How To Re-Human And Actually Live Your Best Life This Lifetime.

Introducing the Emotional Strength Training Handbook

Redefining, Redesigning & Recalibrating Being Human In Today’s Society. And It All Starts With Your Emotional Immune System.

Your emotional baggage and belief system is in complete and utter control of the level of success, health, and happiness you’re experiencing.

Your emotions take over as soon as there’s a trigger and you can’t seem to control the negative spiral of thoughts and emotions that come out.

You’ve got yucky emotional blockages all up in your system stopping you from enjoying all that life has to offer, and then some.

Do you feel like you’re a swan on the surface but underneath you’re treading water to stay afloat?

I mean, on the outside you’ve got the house, the kids, the car, the job – but behind closed doors, your feet are going a million miles an hour trying to keep yourself upright.

That feeling of treading water is suffering.

And that suffering is making you sick.

Let me help you with my Emotional Strength Training Handbook.

The Emotional Strength Training Handbook is the 8 step solution you’ve been looking for, designed to clear the shit that you’ve been carrying because newsflash: that shit is making you sick.

And no amount of spiritual wankery is going to save you.

The Emotional Strength Training Handbook is here to develop your emotional immune system, keeping you healthy and out of suffering.

The Emotional Strength Training Handbook is your handbook to getting a life that’s in alignment with you.

Get Happy, Healthy + Healed with the Handbook.

End The Shit Show + Get A Life That’s In Alignment With You.

Here’s How It Works:

  • When you sign up you’ll get instant access to the Handbook.
  • The Emotional Strength Training Handbook is split out into 8 steps with worksheets.

Being human means stuff is going to come up. Because, life. So this process can be used and reused again and again to go through challenges as they arise.

The Handbook is a tried and trusted method that will show you the patterns as clearly as the red moon on your moon juice app.

Step 1:  Acknowledging The Victim

In this module, we’ll be documenting the victim statement. We’ll work through the things that have happened and how they’ve made you feel from a victim point of view. We’re going to turn that pain into wisdom because victim doesn’t have to be a negative anymore.

This is the starting process to heal the human that’s been damaged and wounded to help you escape the story.

Step 2: Acknowledge The Impact

In this module, we’ll create the timeline of the events that have happened as you remember them. There’s four sub-steps in this module that will have you saying “no way” so many times, your parrot will learn how to say it. 

We’re going to go there. We’ll articulate the pain, shame, guilt, anger, disappointment. All in the name of clearing the gunk.

Step 3: Joining The Dots To Physical And Emotional Impacts

In this module, we’ll address the physical symptoms that have manifested as a result of your emotional trauma. Because there’s always a link. This is the start of you understanding what your emotional immune system looks like. 

Step 4: Recognise Familiar Patterns

In this module, we’ll dive into recognising genetic memory and energetic memory. You will be surprised to learn how what your parents and grandparents went through and how it shows up in your life. It’s all about breaking the patterns for you + the next generation.

Step 5: Understanding Soul Agreements

In this module, we’ll understand your soul agreements. This is the module you’ll get to say nuh-uh to anything that continues to rob you of your joy.

Acceptance is key this week.

Step 6: Acknowledging The Fears

In this module, we begin the process of acknowledging the fears and give them a voice. My unique process with this major part of the equation creates such an innate sense of freedom. 

Step 7: Processing the Grief

In this module, we get into the integral part of the process, you will be so surprised what has been stored in your energy system associated with grief. To release this from your life is truly the game changer.


Step 8:  Intention Setting And Positive Action Plan

In this module, we’ll set intentions for your future and the actions you need to take to start the process. We’ll get you on the path to loving who you are in today’s society.

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