E-School Enrolment Options

E-School is open 24/7 and as a global community is ready willing and able to support you through your life.

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The community Amanda has built in E-School is like instant family, who you like and they don’t destroy your peace. Even if you like the family you have in the real world, E-School will add that new level of being able to be who you are without fear of judgement.

Anything Amanda provides in her community is always content-rich and loaded with the tools and information to help you make peace with your life. Up until now you may have been questioning who you are and been asking “what the hell happened” when you look back at your life and see where you are today. Amanda’s unique energy therapy, teachings and the community already in there waiting for you to come join them, will help you develop such a solid conviction in who you are, no matter how someone else shows up in your life. You will never second guess who you are or what you are about again.


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Groups aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want the information and get on with life. E-School Unplugged is still your energetic multivitamin every Monday (Australian EST), just without the interaction. You are still promised the dinner plate eyes, the ahas and the greater capacity to cope with life, just on your terms, in your good time, and whenever you want to listen to the audio.

Receive the private soundcloud audio to your inbox every* Monday afternoon AEST to download to your device and listen to as you travel home from work, as you go to sleep at night, anytime you need it!

*Unless Monday falls on a major public holiday or Amanda is travelling with a retreat group. Where possible a locum will be engaged to do the session.


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