On the very outset, just in case you are new to my concepts and work, I am medically friendly. The most solid advice around the globe has been from medical professionals telling you how to use strong, proven hygiene protocols to help give yourself every chance of not opening your immune system to unnecessary stressors. In fact, I have a medical professional in my circles who posted the advice she’d been provided from the hospital she works at here in Australia.

This is what she shared with my community:

  • It’s a droplet virus.
  • Follow basic hygiene wash your hands with soap and water
  • Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • When you go shopping take with you some paper towels that you have soaked in soapy water so you can wipe your shopping trolley handles and where your child would sit.
  • Get your trolley from outside because the sun kills these germs.
  • Wash your clothes and hang them on the line, the sun is your friend.
  • Stay 1.5meters away from other people, you don’t need to be in their space.
  • Most importantly is basic hygiene with soap and water.

Before I go on, I’ll reiterate that I believe our Chief Health Officers have missed a golden opportunity in not pointing out that smokers are at a heightened risk of contracting the illness that coronavirus creates because it’s a virus that latches onto the lungs. When you look at the statistics being put out around the world, they are countries with high levels of smokers and poor air quality. At the time of writing this, I’m wondering now too if there’s the most cases of the virus in New South Wales because of the elongated period of smoke from the bushfires in 2019/2020.

What I would really love to help you with is a concept that I have been living and teaching to others since the mid 80s. I’ve been professionally harping on about this way of living since 2009. The Trio of Health.

The Trio of Health will help you trust your immune system, because you have all the control. You may not know that there are more things you can do that wash your hands to help the immune chemicals in your body do their job. Simply, before I go into more detail, you go to the chiropractor every month, you eat high quality non-inflammatory foods and you maintain good quality emotional health – and I mean at cellular level here. Keep reading and I’ll explain.

CHIROPRACTIC (Structural Immune System)

The brain is the main hard drive of your body and the spinal chord comes out of the brain and is housed in the spinal column. Protected if you like. Then, all the nerves from the spinal chord are connected to every other part of your body. These are the information highways that take the messages from the brain to the other parts of the body. When there is interference in the spine, the messages in the nerves get effected. The flow of information telling the body to do it’s optimum level production gets impeded. For example did you know that if you live with incontinence or urge incontinence and you presented to the chiropractor, I will all but guarantee he’ll say he adjusted your L3 vertebrae in amongst all the other adjustments (emotionally it is associated to feeling out of control). It is why Chiropractors recommend having your baby checked within a week of being born because the birth process can be the start of issues, especially if a baby gets stuck or there’s medical interventions like suction and forceps etc. Chiropractors are highly trained and highly skilled health professionals. I have been a chiropractic patient since 1971 and never once in my lifetime have I been hurt or made to feel worse.

There’s a reason why I have spoken about chiropractic first too, because the next two things I’m going to speak about can create subluxations in the spine – which lead to impaired health.

NUTRITION (Chemical Immune System)

What you put into your mouth and into your body absolutely impacts your immune system. From a food point of view, and especially in high-incident illness situations like flu season, you want to make sure you’re eating good quality foods. That means whole foods and no processed foods of what I call low-vibration. Low vibration foods are those foods that businesses make in the cheapest way possible to allow them to keep costs low. So, you know some of those chicken nuggets you can buy that are only 5% chicken, flour, water and chemical flavouring. If your kids are into chicken nuggets then have a go at making them yourself at home using chicken pieces you cut up from an actual chicken breast or thigh fillet. They are bloody yum mate.

Some foods create inflammation in the body and you want to see an Applied Kinesiologist, a Medical Nutritionist or a Bioresonance Therapist to determine what foods your body doesn’t respond well to. Common inflammatory foods are dairy milk, wheat, yeast, gluten. You may be interested to know that some people have issues with tomatoes or oranges too. One MASSIVE one is sugar. The best example I can give you is when adults let their children have something high in sugar and they morph into a monkey that’s just discovered how to get out of the enclosure with it’s mum. The part that is not a mainstream understanding is how fast your body turns those common inflammatory foods to sugar. So, even if you’re not someone who gobs chocolate, ice-cream or a packet of gummie-bears, all the obvious sugary things, but rather, you’re someone who can’t get enough bread, cheese and a glass of wine. All those things contain or become sugars in your body super fast and create dis-ease in your gut.

Hot tip – look at the top of your tongue, is there any white scummy surface? Do you have black circles under your eyes? Do you feel like you’re getting bitten by something and look to see and there’s nothing there? All symptoms of having a food intolerance. Food intolerances create subluxations in your spine and upset your body’s ability to fight bugs and flu. Microbiome is growing area of study that is proving that your gut is your second brain. So, when your gut is playing up, your second brain is too. It’s impacting your first brain, which is sending the messages through the rest of your body through your spine.

If you already go to the chiropractor, and you have an adjustment not holding, take yourself off to a medical nutritionist or bioresonance person and find out what the food issue is, take it out of your diet for at least 3 months, and watch your adjustments start to hold. If you can find a chiropractor that does applied kinesiology, even better.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH (Emotional Immune System)

Did you know that when you’re stressed, there is science that proves that the heightened levels of cortisol the brain produces (the stress hormone) over extended periods of time, suppresses the effectiveness of the immune system, that is, it lowers the number of lymphocytes which inhibits the immune system’s ability to fight of antigens making you more susceptible to viruses and diseases.

So, at the very least, buying into some of the reports that the media have been pumping out, and seeing so many people panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitisers, you’re depleting your immune system by throwing yourself into overwhelm.

This is why I question people trusting their immune system. If you trusted your immune system, you won’t be panic buying, you’ll be following the hygiene protocols recommended and going about your life. I did a 42 minute masterclass on the topic of the panic and why the medical people, the media and the government had been saying what they were. It was valid for them, so you won’t hear me saying they’re wrong, but I did my best to try and provide a perspective. LISTEN HERE

Here’s the next level that I want to speak to you about, that is likely a ‘new to you’ concept about understanding your emotional immune system. When you have a trauma in your life, that trauma finds somewhere to exist in the cells in your body. So for example, when I speak with someone about their health issues and they mention they have kidney stones, then I ask them what’s their greatest fear that still haunts them from their past that has caused them to live with regrets? When I hear someone speak of their parent or spouse being diagnosed with liver cancer having never had a drink in their life, then I ask them were they an angry person or living with profound levels of anger. When someone has asthma, I ask them if they’re a people pleaser. If someone has conjunctivitis, I ask them what they’ve been watching happen around them that’s irritated the living be-jeesus out of them.

Emotions find a way of showing up as health issues. If you are someone living with a lot of grief, then you’ll want to do some work on that because energetically grief impacts the lungs. This is the very first thing I ask someone with lung disease that’s “never smoked a day in their life.” If you ARE a smoker, that means that there’s an addiction element going on there, so you’ve got two things to look at lack of connection and the grief element as well as the physical fact that your lungs will be compromised. Google the benefits of stopping smoking, because you start seeing results in a matter of days when you do.

At the very least, you want to bring meditation into your life to start quietening your mind. If that’s too woo-woo for you, then do go and google the science of vibration of sound into your ears and brain and even body and how much it improves your immune system. Also check out what it does for blood pressure. I’ll even give you a hot tip if people around you are a bit judgy, tell them you’re going to go and have a 30 minute nanna-nap and put your do not disturb sign on the door, then do your meditation.

If you are open to a more deep vibrational healing, then I would invite you to bring my weekly energy healing for the collective consciousness into your life. It is a spoken energy healing that I record every Monday here in Australia. You receive the recording and put your headset it and let my voice vibrate into your ears. I speak about what I’m being shown in the collective consciousness, or what I call The Greater Whole, that is no longer in your highest and greatest good to be floating around in your cells. The amount of times I receive emails saying “were you just talking about me this week”. It’s kinda like when you read an interpretation from a professional astrologer, and they’re talking about Capricorn, and your eyes go like dinner plates because – who could they possibly know what’s going on in your life? That’s what I do, but as a healing, not just information to validate what you’ve lived through the previous week. It’s taking the impact of what you lived out of your cells.

Do I have scientific evidence of that right now? No. Anecdotal will have to do for now, until I have my own science institute that will bring emotional, nutritional and structural elements into the research. At this point, I will use me and my family as an example of what it looks like to live this way and I invite you to put your hand up if you do too and share your story in the comments so other people can see it too.

We need to create a very loud movement, and here’s why. When you live this way, you don’t get swallowed up by a very dysfunctional medical system. Hospitals short of beds, health professional suffering burn out at record amounts, health insurance premiums sky-rocketing because of pre-existing conditions, waiting lists as long as the Great Wall of China, I could go on.

When you live this way, you can trust your immune system to do it’s absolute best for you, and when you trust your immune system, you’ll NEVER buy into the mass hysteria generated by people who don’t trust anything because the system shows them it’s untrustworthy.

To sign up for my weekly energy healing, CLICK HERE. Two spaces have become available in my mentoring group which receives the energy healing first as well as live support from me all week every week.