Welcome to Demanking® Season 2021

End of Year Sessions

What is a Demanking®?

Let’s first take a look at the original word – Manky.

manky – /ˈmæŋkɪ/
adjective (slang) mankier, mankiest
1. worthless, rotten, or in bad taste
2. dirty, filthy, or bad

Word Origin: via Polari from Italian mancare to be lacking

Therefore DEMANKING® means to take away the worthless, rotten, or bad taste that any life episodes have left in your cellular memory. By removing it, it won’t show up as a trigger when something similar happens, rather, your wisdom can come to the surface and help you through it with clarity. 

What I Do

Tap into your energy and take out the mank

This year is the 11th Demanking® Season I’ve facilitated.

One thing that has remained consistent over all the seasons is how much energy does find its way into our system, especially if there have been global upheavals.

Think back over the last 12 months.

How many old ways of doing things have been challenged?

How much fear has been generated in every direction?

How many dinner plate eye moments have you experienced or watched play out in the people and communities around you?

By the time you arrive here, you will well and truly know what fatigue feels like.

  • COVID fatigue
  • Political fatigue
  • Hate fatigue
  • Corruption fatigue
  • Racism fatigue
  • Nothing is changing fatigue

My Philosophy

Emotional trauma gets stuck in the cells of your body and latches on to your dysfunctional belief systems creating a type of energy malaise. It transforms into energetic white noise that drives the bus of life and it’s like the bus driver is drunk. Emotional trauma means different things to different people. It’s important to remember in this current era, we have a giant chunk of the globe vibrating with fear, and it’s affected everyone in myriad ways.

My Approach

I tap into your energy body and all the layers that involves. I then ask to be shown the greatest wounds created in 2021 ready to be removed which will then give you the energetic and emotional capacity to live with clarity in your own personal world. It will provide a clean filter to see when you’re in an old story or belief system that’s no longer serving you. It will free you of the woulds, shoulds and coulds your inner voice keeps shouting at you from the back of the room.

Not sure which session is best for you, watch this short video to help you decide.


2021 Demanking®

Group Energy Healing

  • Sessions now available – instant download
  • 8 Area Chakra Reading in addition to
  • Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Tune-Up Reading
  • Video Session
  • Downloadable Worksheets



2022 Preview of What’s Coming

  • 12 month collective reading in one report
  • 12 sections, one section per month
  • What to focus on each month
  • What needs to be healed to allow the focus
  • First, listen and reading will quieten the noise
  • Then, check-in each month for energy support

Happy clients

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