What is a Demanking®?

Let’s first take a look at the original word – Manky.

manky – /ˈmæŋkɪ/
adjective (slang) mankier, mankiest
1. worthless, rotten or in bad taste
2. dirty, filthy or bad

Word Origin: via Polari from Italian mancare to be lacking

Therefore DEMANKING® means to take away the worthless,
rotten or bad taste that any life episodes have left in your
cellular memory. By removing it, it won’t show up as a trigger
when something similar happens, rather, your wisdom can come
to the surface and help you through it with clarity.


Just when we thought 2020 and 2021 were the bottom of the life’s challenge barrel, along came 2022, shining a spotlight on just how far we still have to go. Global events continued to keep us on our toes, with governments making perplexing decisions, humanity grappling with its share of trials, global markets taking us for a rollercoaster ride, and health issues that stubbornly refused to relent. And let’s not even delve into the ever-escalating cost of living, a stark reminder that decision-makers often seem to save their best moves for the eleventh hour.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: 2023. Hands up if your ability to be ADAPTIVE AF this year has made you feel like your nervous system is being electrocuted? This year, as we flipped through the pages of the 2023 story, it’s been a relentless journey of adaptation. We’ve evolved through a landscape where some individuals, perhaps those who are used to being in positions of power, have doubled down on the need to be right. We’ve navigated the treacherous waters of increased freedom of speech, often exposing the ugly underbelly of racial abuse and division. We’re also staring in horror at the two wars ruining the lives of millions. 

In this climate of change and challenge, it’s perfectly normal to feel drained, just as we have in the previous years. We’re still carrying the weight of trauma, the burden of fear, and the exhaustion of connecting with others in a world that can sometimes feel disheartening. This work makes room in the cup so to speak. 

This season, the 14th Demanking® season, they are tried, trusted and the personal sessions sell out EVERY year. 



As a collective, humanity goes through shared experiences together. Each one of us contributes to the larger whole known as the Collective Consciousness. These sessions, while they clear the collective energy, also help clear your personal energy. So, the challenges we face as a group also affect your individual life.

In addition to being part of the collective human experience, your soul chose to come here and experience everything that this year has thrown our way. It’s been a mix of chaotic moments and significant events that are shaping our future path, all within a single year. In my view, 2023 has been an energy match with previous years, but the hate factor has gone up a notch, the division, the gaslighting, the giant divide in truth and ‘but we don’t want to change’.

This session is in two parts. Part one available now, Part two delivered 25 January, 2024.


These sessions revolve around your personal struggles from this year. When you book a session, you have two options:

  1. If you’re a return demanker with my energy healing work, you can email me your specific focus for clearing in 2023.
  2. If you’re new to this, I’ll connect with your energy and identify what needs attention from what happened in 2023. I then provide a detailed reading in eight different areas tailored to you.

It’s important to know that this work clears away emotional and energetic blocks that are stored in your cells and nervous system, allowing you to stay strong and resilient, even when life throws unexpected challenges your way. The greatest outcome for those who have been with me a while is the clarity they gain when life does show up.


Your business is it’s own entity and energy, even if you are your business. A business is affected as much as an individual, but at a different level because there are so many moving parts to a business. The owner, the customers, the competitors, the colleagues, the employees, the suppliers, the end users, the economy, the bank, the government. So. Many. Moving. Parts. Think about the economy this year and the rising cost of living and at the time of writing we’re looking at two military conflicts playing out in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s one moving part dictating the next moving part. 

That’s why a business session is cutting edge brilliance for business owners who get it, and know they want to have their business energy crystal clear and sparkly for the year ahead. Your business shows itself to me in a human form and I clear the gunk. **SO COOL**

Here’s the good news: I can’t promise that the world’s tumultuous events will magically disappear. However, what I can offer is a powerful tool, a Demanking® session, designed to sweep away the emotional debris that’s been accumulating in the recesses of your soul since the year began. Clearing this energy is your key to validation, a way to understand why you may have felt stuck, confused, or even unwell in the face of these challenges. It’s the chance to recharge your energetic batteries and find alignment with what’s next for you in this ever-changing world.

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