What is a Demanking™?

Let’s first take a look at the original word – Manky.

manky – /ˈmæŋkɪ/
adjective (slang) mankier, mankiest
1. worthless, rotten or in bad taste
2. dirty, filthy or bad

Word Origin: via Polari from Italian mancare to be lacking

Therefore DEMANKING™ means to take away the worthless,
rotten or bad taste that any life episodes have left in your
cellular memory. By removing it, it won’t show up as a trigger
when something similar happens, rather, your wisdom can come
to the surface and help you through it with clarity.


Take a moment to look back over your 2018 in your memory banks. Was it off the chart with extremes? Happy times that lit you up to the point of delirium and then things so challenging you had to ask yourself on more than one occasion if it was worth it?

Did you have any catalyst things happen in your life this year?

  • New relationship, job or career
  • Sudden end of meaningful relationships
  • Financial stress or catastrophe
  • 20th anniversary for anything significant  (think back to 1998)
  • Health scares or issues
  • Sudden death of family or friends?

If any of or all of these things featured in your life this year, then you’ll want to book in for a Demanking™ . Click the image >> to download your workbook to see what we’ll be healing if you’re unsure. No obligation to book in, no email necessary. Instantly!


2018 has been a hard slog and a defining slog. You’ve been put in a situation more than once to ask yourself: “Is this what I want?”

This year is the fourth year of the Demanking™ Season. One thing that has remained consistent over the time these sessions were created was how much energy does find it’s way into our system, especially if there’s been global upheavals.

2018 has had some pretty significant big ticket items show up with the #MeToo movement. The discourse between major global leaders and what has panned out as a result of those conversations. The treatment of refugees around the world. The conduct of sporting legends, people who live in the spotlight, the quantity of people who have had a fall from grace. The level of violence and racism that has been exposed.

It’s proven to be significantly true that I dubbed this year the Year of Coexistence way back when. 

Relationships globally, at every level, have had a shake up this year. We can no longer sustain the old way, and to be honest, that will have left a large cellular residue in your system because it’s been coming from hundred’s of years.

Step One

Watch The Video

Knowledge is key!

A Demanking™ is a unique process that has been developed by Amanda Foy since the beginning of 2009. The premise of this work is that 2018 will have created cellular memory in your body that will have found somewhere to live and if not ‘cleared’ out, may show up as triggers, illness or less than savoury emotional outbursts because the ’emotional trauma’ of life hasn’t been dealt with at cellular level.

Step Two

Preparation Time

People achieve the best outcomes when they take action. A Demanking™ with a small quantity of action by you at the very beginning will yield the best results for you. Essentially, all you have to do is acknowledge the things you don’t want in your life first – always first – and then the things you do want to stay.

When you book in below, you will be taken to a Thank You page which will have a download on it with some preparation notes that give you clear instructions on how to get the best from your 2018 Demanking™ Report.

Step Three

Save the Dates!

28.Dec.18 – the group personal and business Demanking audios are recorded and sent to your email address

31.Dec.18 – the group personal and business Demankings will no longer be available for download. The energy door shuts.

Step Four

All sessions go on sale 8 November, 2018

If you would like to invest in the GROUP personal and business sessions detailed below, please use this PayPal button which will allow you to have one transaction. Click the first session you’d like and then once the PayPal window opens, click CONTINUE SHOPPING and choose the next session you would like. It’s very snazzy.


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