What is a Demanking®?

Let’s first take a look at the original word – Manky.

manky – /ˈmæŋkɪ/
adjective (slang) mankier, mankiest
1. worthless, rotten or in bad taste
2. dirty, filthy or bad

Word Origin: via Polari from Italian mancare to be lacking

Therefore DEMANKING® means to take away the worthless,
rotten or bad taste that any life episodes have left in your
cellular memory. By removing it, it won’t show up as a trigger
when something similar happens, rather, your wisdom can come
to the surface and help you through it with clarity.


Have you worked out that 2019 is a catalyst year for many. Catalyst meaning, just as the workbook over there says: The Year The Truth Changed Everything.

  • Did you have life push you to breaking points this year?
  • Did people in your life shock you with their behaviour and choices?
  • Did people shock you with leaving through choice or through death?
  • Did you change directions from something you thought was locked in?
  • Did Karma show up or get handed back to people who should have held onto it instead of you?
  • Did you or anyone close to you receive serious health diagnoses?
  • Did your career or money story take a big hit this year?
  • Did the last 10 years of your life feel like a massive blur?

If any of or all of these things featured in your life this year, then you’ll want to book in for a Demanking® for 2019.


There’s two types of energy involved with this work: Your personal energy and experiences and then the collective consciousness, which I call the Greater Whole.

Think Astrology: when an astrologer is talking about Mercury Retrograde or personality traits of someone born in the sun sign of Capricorn or the influence of say Saturn with how it effects the breakdown of structures no longer working for humanity (eg politics), it covers a broad group of individuals and humanity. We are all influenced by happenings around us all the time, and then as individuals, we cope or respond based on our own personal choices. The Greater Whole is how your soul handled the bigger picture, the personal sessions involved just you and your soul and personal traumas.

The most common sentence I read, every Demanking® Season is: Were you just talking about me in that group session? My answer is always yes. #quantumphysics


This year is the 8th Demanking® Season I’ve facilitated. One thing that has remained consistent over the time these seasons were created is how much energy does find it’s way into our system, especially if there’s been global upheavals. Think back over the last 10 years, let alone the last 2-4 years. How many structured systems have started to break down?

We are effectively looking down the barrel at issues that we’ve created in our life which have been a result of choices we’ve made based on lessons we have lived through (if you’re old enough) since 1983. Then, when you take into account the life that has panned out since 2009 for yourself personally and around the world as well as the do-over concept from anything that celebrated it’s 18th to 20th anniversary this year.

It’s no wonder you’re here, probably sleep deprived, but really proud of yourself for the growth you’ve achieved. 

Our foundations are being dug ready for the big pour that lands in our worlds around the 12th of January. You want to be VERY sure of who you are and what you want for yourself going forward into 2020. This is the way to ensure that you have a bloody good crack at it and then be able to look in the mirror and know you’re ready and EVOLVED AF.




Preparing for 2020 Power Pack

    • Demanking the 2019 year – (Session is 1 hour long)

    • Demanking your Decade 2009-2019 – (Session is 1 hour long)

Preparing for 2020 Business Session

    • Demanking the 2019 Business year – (Session is 1 hour long)

Preparing for 2020 GROUP SHEBANG

    • Demanking the 2019 year – (Session is 1 hour long)

    • Demanking your Decade 2009-2019 – (Session is 1 hour long)

    • Demanking the 2019 Business year – (Session is 1 hour long)



Different Sessions Explained

GROUP SESSIONS: The Collective Consciousness

As a collective, as humanity, we go through things together, at the same time. We each, as individuals, make up the Greater Whole – The Collective Consciousness. These sessions, while clearing the collective energy, are clearing your energy. Collectively, we all went through big things in 2019 with global issues, weather issues, political issues as well as all the influences from the cosmos (as mentioned above with the astrology concept).

THESE SOLD OUT QUICKLY THIS YEAR. INDIVIDIUAL SESSIONS: Your personal 2019, 2009-2019, Your Business 2019

As well as being part of humanity and the collective consciousness, your soul came here to experience what it has in 2019 and the passed decade. Even your business has an individual energy of it’s own, even though you run it. These sessions specifically look at your energy or your business energy and clear what is not meant to go with you into the new decade, and anything that is, is transformed into wisdom.


These sessions just focus on anything that you or your business lived through this year. 2019 is a catalyst year. Many changes, new directions and VERY deep healing of VERY old stories. You want that all transmuted into innate knowing, and any trauma energy removed. Remembering this work removes cellular blocks so that you can be on top of your game even when life hands you a curve ball. Your resilience becomes a super power.


2009 was also a catalyst year. When you look back over the last decade, there will be things that showed up because of choices you made back in 2009. We want to be clean and clear of this last decade to go forward into the 2020s fresh, knowing who we are, without fear of repeating anything from our passed. We know ourselves much better today than we did in 2019, therefore this session is a massive gift to yourself and knowing that you deserve a fresh start next year.

Important Dates

Sessions Available Until:

25.Jan.2020 – the door closes on the energy from this session at the Chinese New Year 25 January, 2020

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