What is a Demanking®?

Let’s first take a look at the original word – Manky.

manky – /ˈmæŋkɪ/
adjective (slang) mankier, mankiest
1. worthless, rotten or in bad taste
2. dirty, filthy or bad

Word Origin: via Polari from Italian mancare to be lacking

Therefore DEMANKING® means to take away the worthless,
rotten or bad taste that any life episodes have left in your
cellular memory. By removing it, it won’t show up as a trigger
when something similar happens, rather, your wisdom can come
to the surface and help you through it with clarity.


2020 has ended up being NOTHING that we could have expected. It really has been a culmination
of the mincer we’ve been pushed through since the end of 2017.

  • Did you have life push you to breaking points this year?
  • Did people in your life shock you with their behaviour and choices?
  • Did people shock you with leaving your life through choice or through death?
  • Did YOU walk away from a job, relationships a home this year because you’d had enough?
  • Did you change directions from something you thought was locked in?
  • Did Karma show up or get handed back to people who should have held onto it instead of you?
  • Did you or anyone close to you receive serious health diagnoses or COVID?
  • Did your career or money story take a big hit this year?
  • Did the this year make you feel like 2019 was 10 years ago?

If any of or all of these things featured in your life this year,
then you’ll want to book in for a Demanking® for 2020.


Different Sessions Explained

GROUP SESSIONS: The Collective Consciousness

As a collective, as humanity, we go through things together, at the same time. We each, as individuals, make up the Greater Whole – The Collective Consciousness. These sessions, while clearing the collective energy, are clearing your energy. Collectively, we all went through big things in 2020 with global issues, weather issues, political issues as well as all the influences from the cosmos, think astrology and planetary influences.

As well as being part of humanity and the collective consciousness, your soul came here to experience what it has in 2020. I feel like this is going to be one of the most historic years of our lifetime. Even your business has an individual energy of it’s own, even though you run it. These sessions specifically look at your energy or your business energy and clear what is not meant to go with you into the new decade, and anything that is, is transformed into wisdom.

THEN, even though these sessions are for the collective, the amount of times I’ve received feedback that says “I think you were just talking to me” is too numerous to count.


These sessions just focus on anything that you or your business lived through this year. 2020 is a catalyst year. Many changes, new directions and VERY deep healing of VERY old stories. You want that all transmuted into innate knowing, and any trauma energy removed. Remembering this work removes cellular trauma blocks so that you can be on top of your game even when life hands you a curve ball. Your resilience becomes a super power. If you can, I sincerely recommend if you invest in an individual personal session this year, that you secure a seat at the table of the collective conscious session too (BUNDLE 1 or 4). We’ve been through something we’re likely never going to go through again in our lifetime and you do not want the grief, fear or anger to go with you through the rest of your life.

This year is the 9th Demanking® Season I’ve facilitated. One thing that has remained consistent over the time these seasons were created is how much energy does find it’s way into our system, especially if there’s been global upheavals. Think back over the last 12 months, then the last 2 years. How many structured systems have started to break down? How many dinner plate eye moments have you experienced or watch play out in the people and communities around you?

The pattern years we are working through and ultimately healing this year are:

  • 1982/1983 – if you weren’t born yet, then you’ll have genetic memory from your parents from this time.
  • 1996 is a big one
  • 2002 is the 18 year cycle or do-over period
  • 2012 – particularly May – July
  • 2020 has astrology matching the 1918/1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic and it’s where the grief/lung issues began when COVID landed

It’s no wonder you’re here, probably sleep deprived, a little bit loaded with fear, feeling a little bit out of control and maybe a still bit stuck. 

The year we were meant to have this year really began on 12th of January – the beginning of the next big era of 37-42 years.

You want to be VERY sure of who you are and what you want for yourself going forward into 2021 and if 2020 hasn’t given you that crystal clarity with everything taken away from you this year, and all the hate and anger that was brought to the surface, then you ABSOLUTELY need to have a Demanking® to get the profound trauma out of your system to help you find that clarity by February 2021.

This is the way to ensure that you have a bloody good crack at it and then be able to look in the mirror and know you’re ready and EVOLVED AF in the process.







SOLD OUT Individual Personal Demanking® Bookings

These are the sessions where Amanda focusses on you personally.

  • Session time 20-30 minutes.
  • Audio recording emailed to you on the day of your booking.
  • Sessions start 4 November, 2020
  • Value AU$135.00
  • These are limited in number and they always sell out.

SOLD OUT Individual Business Demanking® Bookings

These are the sessions where Amanda focusses on your business as an entity.

  • Given the hit of 2020, this session is the 8 area reading between 40-60 mins long.
  • Audio recording emailed to you on the day of your booking.
  • These are limited in number and and never sell out (LOL)
  • Sessions start 4 November, 2020
  • Value AU$195.00

Group Individual Demanking® Bookings

This is the greater whole booking focussing on the Collective Consciousness.

  • This session is going to talk about everything we went through as humanity.
  • Session time historically has been up to 60 minute long.
  • It covers 8 areas of your life as a member of the collective consciousness.
  • Audio recording emailed to you on the day same day it’s recorded.
  • Session recorded and sent 30 December, 2020 AEST.
  • Value AU$35.00

Group Business Demanking® Bookings

This is the greater whole booking for businesses.

  • This session takes into account how your business has been impacted within the economy.
  • Session time historically has been up to 60 minute long.
  • It covers 8 areas of your business’ life as a member of the global economy.
  • Audio recording emailed to you on the day same day it’s recorded.
  • Session recorded and sent 30 December, 2020 AEST.
  • Value AU$55.00


These are the options still available for all the goodness in one hit + options for rebuilding self-care in 2021

  1. Group Individual & Biz – 2 Sessions – AU$88 
  2. Group Reading + 2021 Support – AU$180
      • Group Individual Reading $35
      • 2021 Subscription to Tarot Tune Up Healing $147

Important Dates

  • Group Sessions Delivered 30 December, 2020 AEST

  • Energy Open and Recordings Available for Purchase until 12 FEBRUARY 2021 the Chinese New Year 12 February, 2021. 

  • 2021 Group Support begins 12/13 January 

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