Frequently Asked Questions…


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a session as a gift for someone?

You can buy a gift session for a friend, BUT, if it’s a surprise, you can only buy a group session for the Collective Consciousness, of which you and your favourite person are a part of. If it’s not a surprise, and they have worked with me before, you’re welcome to buy a gift personal session once you have their permission. It is unethical for any energy healer to tap into the personal energy of any human who can make the decision for themselves.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Sessions are only available for people 16 years and above.

Can I buy a family package?

Yes, the group sessions are available for a family package price. Please contact me via the email contact form to let me know the dynamics of your family for a new price per person. All family members must be 16 years or older.

Can I share the sessions with others?

No. I have a very specific energy protocol that begins the minute you book in for the session. The intentions I create protect each individual in a bubble to ensure that their energy is not opened to anything landing on their energy that doesn’t belong to them. This is especially important in group sessions. Sensitives and empaths cannot be affected with other people’s energy in my work because of the energetic protections I put in place. If you share this work with anyone without me knowing, I can’t put the necessary protections in and they can have adverse reactions. If you think someone would benefit from the session, please provide them to link to book in and that will ensure their energetic integrity remains healthy.

Can I let someone listen to my private session?

You can, it’s your session, however, I don’t recommend it. The person you would like to listen to it has a completely different filter for the information and what might make complete sense to you may be detrimental to them. The only time I do recommend it is if you’re working with a coach or mental health professional who has recommended you to me and knows my work themselves. Their filter is a clinical support, and they’re not emotionally invested in any dysfunction in your life and therefore your wellbeing.

Are there Business Sessions this year?

These sessions are on request this year. Reach out if you want a  quote for a Business Demanking.

Is there a time limit to listen to the sessions?

No, these sessions are downloadable, and you can listen to them and keep them for your reference as long as you feel necessary.

Do I have to destroy my notes?

Yes and no. The easiest recipe to follow is: only destroy the notes that acknowledge all the negative journalling you do about what you want to release from your life from 2021. Everything you want to enhance and bring into your life you keep.

Is there another payment option other than Square?

If you’re in Australia Amanda can provide an invoice for a direct Deposit.

Can I pay off my session?

Unfortunately payment plans are not available this year.

What currency are bookings in?

All bookings are in Australian Dollars. Typing “Currency Converter” into Google will enable you to see how much the sessions will be in your local currency.

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