Today’s blog is going to point out how to exist in a culture of competition, keeping your wits about you, staying on purpose and focussed on your end goal. The competition I am going to point out to you can best be detailed simply as fear and love – which is the two response options with anything in your life.

The fear competitions are:

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of being well – because there’s an emotional benefit to being unwell
  • Fear of something new – a new belief system
  • Fear of being right
  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of speaking up and opening cans of worms

My “Breast Cancer Theory” page has been up for four days now. Here are the stats:

  • 607 people have read the breast cancer theory page
  • 106 people have completed the survey
  • 1 man has owned up to completing the survey to prove to me that I “can’t trust the information as people lie”
  • The same man also left a message on my blog in response to another woman who detailed her family history “”Cancer is not something you deserve. It is an unfortunate result of being alive. Thank you for taking the time to detail your family history. Your understanding of cancer is obviously greater than what in my opinion is the shameless and disgusting attempt at self advancement through modern day snake oil if ever I’ve seen one.”
  • I have had twelve messages of support that I should keep going
  • I have had one woman reach out to a decision maker in a large group to ask if she would send it out and the answer was yes
  • I have lost count of how many people have shared the link for me (THANK YOU!)
  • 1 man has shared the link and thanked me for doing it because he lost his mum to it
  • I spoke to a 78 year old woman who has had three bouts of cancer and was keen to answer the survey until she saw that I did Reiki
  • I had one man let me know that I would not have any luck regarding funding because it’s not scientifically based and then provided me with an invaluable recommendation after I responded with the “I shall plug on regardless as I have time”. There was no attack in his response, rather a ‘don’t waste your time’.

So you see, this is why I have no competition in my life, why I work from the generosity model versus the greed model. If I did believe in competition, I wouldn’t have even googled the link to survey monkey.

Do you know, if this doesn’t go anywhere, if the brick walls are that tall and thick that I have no alternative but to ‘give up’, by doing this survey with the questions I put in it and the information on my website, if just one woman decides to find a practitioner that specialises in taking away the emotions of life incidents and her cancer goes into remission and disappears, then this has been worth it and shall continue to be worth it, because then she will start to speak up of her road to full health.

My next step is going to all the big cancer charities and small cancer charities to ask them to share the link with their databases. I can’t wait to share with you the outcomes of that! If you are a group that would be prepared to share this link with your followers, please contact me through the contact page. I would love your assistance!

I shall show you progress so far on the chart that says the most to me. The “None of These” options has had 32 responses, the balance ¬†is 74 for all those life incidents directly related to femininity. ¬†Please consider sharing the link to the theory page to help me get to 1000 responses by the end of the month.