So, this week I’m going to talk about competition on a bigger scale than just your individual run of the mill competition with Joe Bloggs down the road.

Let’s jump into a spot of controversy shall we?

Medical Therapy Vs Natural Therapy.

You will NEVER EVER  here me say to not go to a medical practitioner if you are sick.  Like ever.

What you will hear me say is, “have you thought about supporting your treatment with Natural Therapies to enhance your outcomes?”

ESPECIALLY if you are really really sick, with something that medical practitioners tend to give you life spans on. Seriously, unless you are over 78 (men) or 84 (women) years of age, when statistics say you are entitled to pop your clogs because you’ve reached the national average, you don’t want to take those time frames seriously because free will is involved.

Your free will.

That little inner voice that says “bugger off, I’ll be living longer than three months” or better still “so, there’s a 1 in 100,000 chance hey? Who says I can’t be the 1?”.

I will say this to anyone with recurring tonsillitis through to really hideous things like Lupus, Cancer or HIV.

So here’s the bit about competition. It’s the same as part one. You are in the drivers seat. You have the power to choose how you are going to react. There are medical practitioners around who are not living in fear that the natural therapy mob are going to steal their sick people from them and make them poor. Lots of them in fact.  So, if you have been given a diagnosis and you say to your physician, I’m going to be having support from a medical nutritionist and a reiki therapist during my treatment and they say “good for you” – keep them.

If you say that to your physician and they say you are wasting your time, get a second opinion. Or not. It’s your choice.

This is the big thing that many people miss with this level of competition – there’s no outcome for the greater good. It’s based on the greed mentality (FEAR) instead of the generosity model (LOVE).

Let’s revisit the concept of seven billion people again. People will keep getting sick for all eternity. It’s part of the role of being a human.

Those human’s who recognise that all illness has a foundation in emotional blockages, they are the ones who seek to do what it takes to make them well so they can stay here and get to the national average and blast that age out of the water through their awareness.

The last 18 months, I’ve worked with women diagnosed with breast cancer. All went the traditional route of chemotherapy and radiation except one and I supported them with my kind of Reiki. All of them also changed their diets and exited sugar out of it.

As I started asking the questions, patterns started to show up, especially in the incidence of much younger women and I developed a survey. (See below) My experience has also been for the longest time this need for competition on how to get people well.

It’s personal choice people! Everything is personal choice. As I mentioned last week, who am I to disrespect someone’s choices for what they want in their life? This is across the board. Health, religion, partnerships, business, family, what car they want.

There is a way to communicate for an outcome and a way to communicate to bank on fear and control.

My message about competition this week, is in line with my passion and purpose of helping people to understand that life events create emotions, and if they aren’t dealt with they can go onto to show up in other ugly hideous ways, and don’t buy into anyone’s story of ‘don’t do that it will harm you’, whether it comes from a natural therapist or a medical practitioner – you are the master of your outcomes.

Do not buy into other people’s stories if you are looking for answers for yourself.

If you know someone living with breast cancer, please forward them this blog post and ask them to complete the survey to help me spread the word of “please investigate this possible link”. Would you like to complete the confidential survey to help me garner evidence to support my push for funding to be able to research this in conjunction with medical research?  It’s just down there with the blue line under it.

Generosity is the only way to go for us to see real change.

Click here to take survey