RespectI have been on a journey of self-discovery since I was 16. A dedicated one. I have known since then that I could help people. All the way back then, I didn’t know how, just that I could.

Often times it was just being Amanda, I was just really good at it. Incidentally, I’m still REALLY good at being Amanda. 😉

I have known since then too that I had the gift of intuition, and was one of the ones that recognised it. I was always saying out aloud “I know I have something, I wish I could tap into it.”

My favourite TV shows when I was young were I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched, then Harry Potter came along. Well, I barrelled a few kids out of the way to get to those new books when they were published. Not really, but close.

Roll forward to 2009 and I am attuned to Level 3 Reiki. This was the ‘excuse’ my intuition needed to come out and play for real.

My kind of “Reiki” has never been just Reiki. There’s an added bit.

I have the ability to see my clients energy when given permission and tell them what I am seeing and because I’m using the industrial broom that is created when intuition and Reiki merge, clients have emotional blockages brought to the surface and swept away for the longest time. Like ever.

All of my business has been word of mouth since 2009 because of the outcomes people achieve when they have a session. People from all over the world, get the same outcome. I don’t see them, I don’t touch them, and quite often all I know is there first name and email address.

So let me repeat, I will will never have any competition. Here’s why: 7 billion people on the planet.

I can’t help everyone and I am one of millions of natural therapists.

Do I have complete faith and trust in my kind of Reiki? Hell yeah.

Do I think it’s all anyone needs. God NO!

Will I ever jump on a band wagon touting how amazing my version of Reiki is, sounding like an evangelist? Nuh.

Here’s why: I have such a strong conviction that the people who need and want to be well and tap into their core happiness will find me, and their hearty HELL YES will have the results they’ve been screaming for.

I also speak of my clients HELL YES’ with their amazing outcomes and lives when they full understand the gravity of the space that was taken up in their soul by life events that derailed their core happiness. You might want to read some of my testimonials in the “Kudos” menu up there. I’m also Core Happiness Facilitator to the stars these days too.

Squeeeee, I know right. Psst… let me whisper something to you, but don’t tell anyone ok? He’s just an everyday man, living an extraordinary life with human emotions and weaknesses and strengths just like the rest of us. That’s what makes him so great. He’s just like all my other clients. Amazing humans looking to stay emotionally strong to get through their everyday real life.

Here’s the next part about where I am at with competition: I have loads of practitioners around me that I recommend my clients to when I’m guided to. I’ve recently connected with a practitioner just like me in Delaware USA. Do you know what Maria has been for me? An absolute Godsend. It means I can go on holidays and know that if any of my clients need assistance, Maria will be able to help them. 

Competition? Pfft.

Let me repeat: I have such a strong conviction in my ability to attract the best possible matches with clients, that I am not frightened of another therapist taking a client. More, I am not frightened of a client choosing me to support them back to their core happiness because there are so many other ones out there.

Who am I to disrespect someone’s choices in their search for their core happiness?

Go read that last sentence again please.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

I can’t wait to share part 2. Please make sure you go and pop your email into the spot where you receive my blogs each week.

Until next time.
Yours in core happiness,

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