Your definition of emotional sanity is important

Sometimes we need someone with a fresh set of eyes and ears to help us understand why we can’t jump of the merry-go-round we find ourselves on.

Sometimes we need someone outside our inner circle to behave like lane ropes in an Olympic swimming pool.

Sometimes we need someone to be our advocate and head coach when we are attempting something new.

Sometimes we just need that voice that says “don’t believe your own bullshit”.

Everyone needs a new level of support that includes a mix of counselling, neurology concepts and energy healing to make the coaching meaningful and long lasting.

There’s lots of dust that has settled in your life. You may be sick and tired of hearing your own voice continually spewing out the same old stories. You’re ready for accountability and change.

I teach that trauma means different things to different people. I teach that your definitions to any aspect of your life are just as valid as the next persons, even though they look different. What works for you, might not work for another person.

Maybe life has taken a turn that you weren’t expecting and you are in uncharted territory and you were always hopeless at reading maps.

Maybe life has gotten on top of you and all the traditional ways of handling things haven’t worked.

Maybe the same old same old isn’t giving you the results you’ve been used to and you are ready for something new with a game changing element. An element that will be described your secret weapon in no time.

Have a read through the different options below to see what might be a fit for you.

Check-In Coaching

Once a Month Check-In

You’ve coached with someone before. Your life isn’t falling apart, but you know yourself well enough that you just need one call a month to keep you on track and to get things off your chest. You want that one person you can turn to who you can speak all your irrational and or crazy thoughts to. You know the ones, the ones that sound like those questions we ask ourselves when no one can hear the voice except you. I don’t know about you, but I call that voice in my head Neville. It’s a call once a month and an EST Energy Healing Session after the call to clear away anything brought to the surface in the call.

Weekly S-T-B

Weekly Shoot The Breeze

This is the IDEAL coaching package for executives and business owners who have been in successful business for three years or more. I bring 25 years of corporate experience to the table with this coaching package. Industries range from aluminium and plastic extrusion, advertising and communications, piping systems, oil and gas, manufacturing, hospitality, health, beef, smalls and value added food production, primary production, social media and tourism. That doesn’t mean I’ll tell you what to do, it does mean that I will understand what you are talking about and not spend our time together asking inane questions.

Fortnightly Coaching

Fortnightly Coaching

You set the topic. You understand that it will likely change within two calls. Every two weeks (fortnight) we have a call to go through life or work things. The call is an hour long, we set goals and actions and then once a month, when the theme is showing itself, I do the Emotional Strength Training energy healing to clear out the blockages that have been showing up. We have a facebook group with just you and I in it to share articles, get things out of your head, or leave reminders for our call and if facebook isn’t your thing, then we use email instead.

Life Sucks Coaching

Pulling out the big guns

This coaching is the heavy duty coaching where everything has gone to hell in a handbag and you need some serious support to help you navigate life and work. This involves weekly calls, weekly energy sessions, a facebook group with just you and I in to check in daily or access via text message if you need to get something off your chest. This is what you choose when you have tried everything and nothing is working. The reason for the weekly energy sessions is to keep your energy in a heightened state to help you process the way life is showing up. This is ideal for people living in narcissistic relationships, raising teenagers and you are questioning why you became a parent, you score an A+ in self-sabotage every time, you are wanting to navigate a major scary change in your life and need active support to hold your hand through the process.

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