Your definition of emotional sanity is important

2019 has been a catalyst year. Catalyst meaning, take a look back at everything you have lived through this year and give yourself a pat on the back that you find yourself in the last quarter of the year wondering how you made it through. Well, I can share with you, the neural pathways linked to feeling stuck and like nothing is ever going to come around to the calm side of the island are lit up like a Christmas Tree and you DO NOT want to take those footprints with you into 2020.

Sometimes we need someone with a fresh set of eyes and ears to help us understand why we can’t jump off the merry-go-round we find ourselves on.

Sometimes we need someone outside our inner circle to behave like lane ropes in an Olympic swimming pool.

Sometimes we need someone to be our advocate and head coach when we are attempting something new.

Sometimes we just need that voice that says “that bullshit story sounds so real right now, but it’s not, it’s just a lie”.

Everyone needs a new level of support that includes a mix of counselling, neurology concepts and energy healing to make the coaching meaningful and long lasting.

You want someone to hold your hand while you take the edge off 2019 to get you ready for 2020 and now is the time to jump into that.

There’s lots of dust that has settled in your life. You may be sick and tired of hearing your own voice continually spewing out the same old stories. You’re ready for accountability and change.

I teach that trauma means different things to different people. I teach that your definitions to any aspect of your life are just as valid as the next persons, even though they look different. What works for you, might not work for another person.

Maybe life has taken a turn that you weren’t expecting and you are in uncharted territory and you were always hopeless at reading maps.

Maybe life has gotten on top of you and all the traditional ways of handling things haven’t worked.

Maybe the same old same old isn’t giving you the results you’ve been used to and you are ready for something new with a game changing element. An element that will be described your secret weapon in no time.

Have a read through the different options below to see what might be a fit for you.

2019 Clean Up
+ 2020 Prep

8 Weeks of Bringing Everything Into Alignment

There’s no accident or coincidence you are here reading this option for the end of your year. You can feel that you are on the edge of something major in your life and you want to be ready for it. One of the biggest things we do in our life of up-leveling is bring in the old sabotage fairy and before we open the door, we make sure she’s nice and drunk and unhinged. This time is different though, you know you want what’s coming and you don’t want the sabotage fairy to have any say in your future.

That’s what this coaching program is, 8 weeks of identifying what’s happened this year, where’s the trauma, where’s the aha’s and growth spurts, where’s the good quality internal dialogue versus the one that wants to stab you with a blunt fork for seeing what you’d brought into your life over the last 20 years. 

It’s time to do an inventory of you emotional health and wellbeing and clear out the old out of date – toxic – stock, and make way for the new fresh stock that is all ready for you and the new more wiser you. 

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