Last night I shared a post about the information night I’m facilitating on Monday about traumatic life events can cause cancer and chronic illness, and luckily before it was deleted from Queensland Business a chap who runs a Natural Therapy school alerted me to watch my language around it because there’s legal ramifications for natural therapists and cancer things.

I’ve also had a small amount of resistance from other natural therapy practitioners with the mindset that their way is the only way.

I know there is passion involved with purpose and I know what it feels like when you know like you know like you know that it [your therapy] can help.

I’m wondering when the focus is going to be completely on patient outcomes – for those who want to heal – rather than the greed mentality of mine mine mine. Especially the removal of frustration from the communications.

Don’t get me wrong, my frustration has been piqued since speaking out about this as I have been quite isolated in my natural therapy practice, just doing my own thing, and to find the mindsets, resistance and fear associated with a global epidemic rather than community consciousness does have my eyebrows doing movements that could almost qualify me for cirque du soliel.

7 BILLION PEOPLE on the planet. Cancer and chronic illness rates at a staggering level, there’s more than enough illness and sickness to go around.

I’m hoping when I start speaking about this publicly that I can also encourage ALL practitioners to shift their focus to ‘what ever it takes to get you healthy’, which allows people to make their own informed choices.

I am not going to tell someone not to use medicine with all the advances they’ve made if that’s what they want to do. I will tell them to address the nutritional, emotional and life events too – and probably chuck in a “your should see a chiropractor to maintain your immune system structurally as well.”

I am also not going to tell someone who chooses an all natural route with diet and supplements to not do that. I will tell them to address the emotional and life events side too.

The same goes for people who don’t want to heal, who are accepting their diagnosis and letting it take it’s natural course.

It’s about the patient outcomes, it’s about honouring a journey. It’s not about limiting or creating more fear in the person than what already exists.

That’s just cruel.

Yours in peace, health and happiness