How a redundancy from the largest beef producer in the world set the path to building an education and healing platform for thousands of people all over the world.

Before there was the TRIO OF HEALTH, the ANATOMY OF AWARENESS, E-SCHOOL or anything associated to the emotional immune system, there was a career in communications and administration.

Just prior to becoming a corporate fugitive, I was working for a large corporation and caught up on the career treadmill. My very unexpected redundancy threw me head first into “doing my own” thing, and my inner stories kept telling me:

“Go to where you’ve just come from; you must be taken seriously; look like a conglomerate; hide behind a brand name that doesn’t tell anyone what you’re actually offering and do what will keep other people happy. Then tar brush it all with “I’m really good at what I do.”

Three Years of Making Ends Meet and Trying to Be Accepted

What forced my hand to step into my life of purpose? Three years, a shit load of stress and one choice that highlighted just what a people pleaser I had become.

I’d started my business with my nickname. A business that used the qualifications I’d gathered as a teenager and dabbled in around Australia and the world. Skills that I was “good at” but that didn’t light the fire inside me. Skills that kept me on a safe, “expected” path.

I then made the next “nail in the coffin” mistake … I started with a complete focus on the (small) town I lived in. Because after doing all the due diligence, there didn’t appear to be anyone else providing the mix of expertise I was offering.

You know that saying “don’t shit where you eat”? It’s a recipe for disaster.

The first three years of my entrepreneurial life looked functional, but I was the proverbial Swan gliding around with legs paddling like hell underneath the surface. I would wake up each day with a sense of dread at whether I was going to be able to pay my bills on time.

I then lost my business in the floods of 2011. I’d also had some massive blows from partnerships and I was people pleasing to the point of ignoring every single message from the Universe and my own body. All because I wanted to be accepted by the business community in the town I lived in.

My hand was forced the day I had to renew my nickname business details in 2012.

“I don’t want to do this anymore!”

On that life affirming day when I said “I don’t want to do this anymore”, I faced East and then put every one of the 24 years of branding and administration experience into building my new concept of Emotional Strength Training. It was like someone had walked me into my dream home and said “here you go my love, it’s all yours”.

Everything I had been studying and researching and living in my personal life since the age of 14 came together in my heart.

The dread stopped overnight.

My purpose for being here had been born and the need to be accepted, heard and paid for my work melted away. The people pleasing stopped. The speaking from the core of my soul arrived.

Everything landed and the journey got serious.

Seriously amazing.

When you are in alignment with your passion and purpose, the vibration is set to MACH3 and people looking for solutions tune into that vibration. And shit starts to happen. For everyone.

Because of the unwavering belief I had in my work, I learned:

  • What happens to people who are given permission to speak about their fears, limitations and bad choices without fear or judgement.
  • What happens when you say “fuck that” to getting to the positive as quickly as possible.
  • What happens when you give some people more pieces of the puzzle when it comes to why their life doesn’t look like, sound like or feel like how they thought it would be by now.
  • How many people are ready to shift away from the suffering and step into their happiness without having to ugly-snot-cry on the floor for a month before they see any changes.

All of this also evolved to a place where I was able to hold space for a collective of people who wanted better things in their life, while also allowing me to live my definition of success at being a Mum, a Wife and a contributor to the economy.


By doing what I was born to do as a soul having a human experience.

Since 2009 I have come to learn the true meaning of there being two responses to anything:


Fear is the foundation of all illness, all lack and all self-sabotage.

I’m like a fear whisperer that is able to show you where your fears have taken up residence in your cellular memory and come out to play every time you have an unhealed trigger.

The Anatomy of Awareness is the key to your prosperity when it comes to your health, happiness and life in general.

Life is going to do life the only way it knows how.

We aren’t Robinson Crusoe, only having ourselves as company. We have to deal with other humans every day and it’s important to know there are tools and mechanisms that are actionable, that can put you on a path that means suffering (or more importantly, the rejection of suffering) really does become a choice at those times when Life shows up in less than positive ways.

I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes. I will not stop teaching and educating and facilitating the healing for people who are ready to live a full life.

It is my dream, with your help, to facilitate the emotional strength of the masses with the one giant missing part of the puzzle that can help you live the best life possible, no matter what your list of life experiences are.

For years, I said out aloud to people, “I know I have a gift, I wish I could tap into it.” In January 2009 when I started my formal energy therapy training, tap in I did.

Some define it as woo-woo, but this is where I am able to bring it all back down to the ground and connect the dots to documented information and where possible, science, to help you see why you might be struggling right now.

The work doesn’t leave you hanging, it actually clears it out of your system and just leaves the wisdom in its place.

Wisdom will never make you sick.

It makes you strong and capable and content in the knowledge that you can handle whatever is presented to you in life.

Are you ready to bring an emotional innovation into your reality that will set you up for life?

I’m all about keeping it real. If you are at this point, you’re showing me that READY is in your heart and brain at the same time.

So, you get to choose your adventure with how we do this.

You’re choosing to put yourself first in order that you and life can be best friends.

You’re choosing a new way that is both a game changer and a positive ripple for the community.

No kidding… I can’t wait to explain what your choice to join me means.

You’re ready… let’s do this thing.

About Amanda

  • Grew up in Brisbane Queensland as the eldest child in a family of four and the eldest of a generation on one arm of the family tree.
  • Started travelling when I went on a student exchange at the age of 16, which was the start of what I worked out to be the beginning of my journey looking for connection.
  • My relationship with travel which now spans 31 years. Meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and ways of living helped me realise that we are all the same, we just want to be loved and feel connected.
  • I have a healthy relationship with fishing and the ocean when it comes to relaxing. Let’s just say I can hold my own.
  • Am the only female in a house full of men whom I adore with all my heart.

My purpose for being here is to help people see the whole picture, get the science and reduce the burden of life. I want everyone from your everyday citizen, the entrepreneur, the military professional, the first responder, the elite athlete, the teacher, the lawyer, the CEO, the famous person, the mum, the dad, the kid and everyone in between, to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, we just need to put the puzzle pieces in the right spot to reveal the true picture.

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