Emotional Strength Training was developed to fill a giant void that is the gap between mainstream health and natural health for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired … who are also tired of the guessing part of health.

Emotional Strength Training and Demanking® exist to help you take the guessing out of the “WHY?” when you’re looking at your life and your health.

Not with possibilities. Not with maybes.

Real dots joined. Real puzzles answered and no guessing.

Personal development can be confusing. Where to start, will I get results, what if nothing changes? Ot the absolute BIGGY: I’ve tried that and it didn’t work. Big Hint: A part of the puzzle was missing.

Most people come to me through a referral from a friend or loved one because they’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, or as it turns out, the most common, lasted.

There’s one thing missing from the mainstream health world: Energy Therapies.

I share with you my conviction that to underpin the integrity of the success of any personal development or health outcomes, you will achieve what you want when you integrate the Emotional Strength Training process into your regime. I have 13 years of dedicated practice standing behind my conviction as well as 37 years of living the EST way with medical records to prove it.

There’s stuff that gets stuck in your body, in the neural pathways, this cellular footprint that comes with every life trauma. The stuff that creates everything from triggers, dodgy sleep, bouts of rage through to regular illness, auto-immune things and cancer. Every illness, every “stuck topic”, and every reoccurring element of your life has a cellular footprint linked to something. It can be yours and it can be genetic memory.

“I thought I’d dealt with all of that” [insert sad face]

I know that counselling, therapy, coaching and medicine are valuable, good quality tools to help you through life. They work. Sometimes they work well enough that life gets going again with a high level of success and all the mank gets left behind.

I also know that if you want really long term results, it’s not enough.

I’ve developed a teaching called The Anatomy of Awareness, which is really the anatomy of true, long term healing. It’s the missing segment of health and wellness. The third element of true healing. The Emotional Strength Training energy healing I’ve developed known as Demanking® is the third element to underpin the success of your journey, no matter who or what you have chosen for the talking and or information part of your health.

For too long there’s been a giant disconnect between mainstream and natural health and it just doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Not if you want true results that are long lasting. Energy healing is the missing link to support all the other choices you are making for yourself. 

What I’ve learned since the beginning of 2009:

  • The price people have paid from the movement of “where’s the positive” and “this is your ego speaking”.
  • How damaging the platitude “this is all a part of your journey” has done for people new to emotional wellbeing.
  • What happens when you are given permission to speak about your fears, limitations and bad choices without fear of judgement.
  • What happens when you are allowed to deal with the negative before you even try to find the positive.
  • What happens when you learn about the other puzzle boxes that you’re allowed to take puzzle pieces from to build your own picture.
  • How many people say “I thought I’d dealt with that already” 🙁
  • What it looks like, sounds like and feels like when hundreds and hundreds of people tell you you’ve changed their life with a new way of living.

It’s time to write a new story when it comes to health and wellbeing. The old way isn’t redundant. It’s still an important part of life and there for a really good reason. It is, however, time to widen the view, to challenge the status quo and to implement that missing link that facilitates your ability to handle life, even when the bad things show up.

Wisdom will never make you sick…

Since 2009 I have come to learn the true meaning of there being two responses to anything:


Fear is the foundation of all illness, all lack and all self-sabotage.

I’m like a fear whisperer that is able to show you where your fears have taken up residence in your cellular memory and come out to play every time you have an unhealed trigger.

The Anatomy of Awareness is the key to your prosperity when it comes to your health, happiness and life in general.

Life is going to do life the only way it knows how.

We aren’t Robinson Crusoe, only having ourselves as company. We have to deal with other humans every day and it’s important to know there are tools and mechanisms that are actionable, that can put you on a path that means suffering (or more importantly, the rejection of suffering) really does become a choice at those times when Life shows up in less than positive ways.

I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes. I will not stop teaching and educating and facilitating the healing for people who are ready to live a full life.

It is my dream, with your help, to facilitate the emotional strength of the masses with the one giant missing part of the puzzle that can help you live the best life possible, no matter what your list of life experiences are.

I have had the gift of seeing the truth in my mind’s eye my whole life. It wasn’t until 2009 when I decided to formally train in energy therapies that the gift became a powerful and unique tool in helping people heal their deepest wounds. Some define it as woo-woo, and honestly, woo-woo is relative to your experience with healing and spirituality. I am here to prove to you that energy healing can be grounded, underpinned by science and therefore a quality, meaningful option in your health regime.

I will provide you a community that proves what it looks like to live with your feet on the ground, with mainstream jobs, with families and communities that don’t think they’re weirdos. 

Wisdom will never make you sick.

It makes you strong and capable and content in the knowledge that you can handle whatever is presented to you in life.

Are you ready to bring an emotional innovation into your reality?

I’m all about keeping it real. You may still be sitting there with a twitch in your eye as you read this and I get it. It’s a new mix for health and it’s a bit weird, because it doesn’t isolate you from any choices you’ve already made or are making when it comes to your health. It’s got a giant element of the unknown, but you know that something’s got to change and you very well could be at that space of “I’ll try anything”.

Honestly, this is the best place to start. You’re choosing to put yourself first in order that you and life can be best friends again. EVEN when life is being an arsehole. You’re choosing a new way that is both a game changer and a positive ripple for the community.

No kidding… I can’t wait to explain what your choice to join me means.

You’re ready… let’s do this thing.

About Amanda

  • Grew up in Brisbane Queensland as the eldest child and the eldest of a generation on one arm of the family tree.
  • Started travelling and experiencing other cultures and people as an exchange student from the age of 16.
  • 21 years of corporate life in mass communications and administration with large domestic and international corporates.
  • I have a healthy relationship with fishing and the ocean. Let’s just say I can hold my own.
  • Am the only female in a house full of men whom I adore with all my heart.
  • I’m an avid reader and researcher always looking for information to connect the dots to the why. 

My purpose for being here is to help people see the whole picture, get the science and reduce the burden of life. I want everyone from your everyday citizen, the entrepreneur, the military professional, the first responder, the elite athlete, the teacher, the lawyer, the CEO, the famous person, the mum, the dad, the kid and everyone in between, to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, we just need to put the puzzle pieces in the right spot to reveal the true picture. THEN I teach you how to make peace with that picture so that it provides you with the wisdom to make the best choices for you for the rest of your days.

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