The idea that we could possible place an order with the Universe and that it starts to show up, but because it’s not an exact fit with what we have in our mind we discredit it or say no thanks, that’s not good enough, is a lesson that can be hard to swallow when we sit there in all our smallness but thinking we are bigger than all.

This week, my podcast is talking about placing your order and then looking for the unorchestrated and having Faith and Trust (FaT) that the unorchestrated is part of the bigger picture.

When you have placed your order, Faith and Trust is all you need when you surrender to the mindset that the Universe isn’t an arsehole. It’s not going to give you something that you can’t handle and it’s pointing you in the direction that you need to go in with a loving hug and pat on the bottom saying, “there you go, have some fun”.

So listen to the podcast and tell me what you think. Do you find it difficult to relax into your life? Are you missing those unorchestrated gifts that show you that things are starting to line up? Do you sit in this constant state of fear that life is just setting you up to continually fail?

The only equation I really love these days is E+R = O : Event + Response = Outcome – you play the part of R. So, it’s now up to you. Whatcha gunna do?
With love