Hi I’m Amanda.

The Emotional Strength Trainer.

We are conditioned to believe that suffering is a necessary part of life. It’s a lie. Life will do life, the only way it knows how. It’s up to us how we experience it.

That’s where I come in. There are a few different ways you can work with me.

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Innovation in health choices need not be limited to clinical, sterile, white-coat driven scientific discoveries. Amanda is leading the way through education and action-driven, grounded solutions around a concept known as the Trio of Health. This concept helps people think outside of the square, to add another dimension to their personal health and happiness.

Through her unique online group E-School, her podcast Palaver and her cutting edge approach to fear and suffering (that doesn’t isolate anyone from their current health and happiness choices), Amanda proves that you can achieve outcomes with a mix of traditional, natural and a dash of the spiritual. All allowing you to move closer to a life with less suffering, more clarity and a whole lot of wisdom.

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Educate : Educate : Educate

The world is ready for new teachers. New teachers with concepts that don’t alienate, rather, providing a bigger picture to think about, with inclusive ideas that allow an individual to make new choices in their health and happiness journey. Whether that be a personal journey, as part of a team or in decision making capacities in corporate, the military or government entities.

There is so much information out there in the media and within a few clicks of a button on Google. It can be overwhelming. Especially with the ever-increasing rates of health issues especially related to mental health, it’s hard to know where to start or what path to choose.

Amanda teaches that each path is valid and explains her concepts in an easy to understand, conversation style delivery. Her message is ideal for corporate decision makers, government bodies, health professionals.


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