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Your weekly Energy Healing Subscription. Sometimes you want to do your own personal development at your own pace in the privacy of your own home without having to participate in a group. Be one of the cool kids with the next level of self-care in your week.
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E-Life Online Daily Mentoring Group

Your safe place to land, learn, heal and implement new ways of looking at your emotional health and wellbeing that don’t isolate you from your current choices. You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? Become an Evolutionary and heal your whole life with this unique online mentoring group.
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1 on 1 Energy Healing READINGS

Sometimes the things we need to heal are so deep, complex and private, you just want some personal attention. Feel heard and validated and heal that darkness that keeps finding you. Working with Amanda will change your life.
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In Person Events

Sick of paying out good money and walking away with nothing or small things? Everything Amanda does at her in-person events will provide aha’s. All content-rich, outcome-driven gatherings boosted by the ‘Foy Effect’ healing energy.  Find out more…

Innovation in health choices need not be limited to clinical, sterile, white-coat driven scientific discoveries. Amanda is leading the way through education and action-driven, grounded solutions around a concept known as the Trio of Health. This concept helps people think outside of the square, to add another dimension to their personal health and happiness.

Through her unique online group E-School, her podcast Morning Stretches on Soundcloud and her cutting edge approach to fear and suffering (that doesn’t isolate anyone from their current health and happiness choices), Amanda proves that you can achieve outcomes with a mix of traditional, natural and a dash of the spiritual. All allowing you to move closer to a life with less suffering, more clarity and a whole lot of wisdom.

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Theresa May and The Lost Voice of Brexit

Theresa May and The Lost Voice of Brexit

If you're a person who follows the news, you'll have seen that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has lost her voice. Standing in Parliament trying to speak to her colleagues about the options with Brexit. As the voice of the Emotional Immune System, I want to point...

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Coping With Second Generation Peer Pressure

Coping With Second Generation Peer Pressure

I want to put something into immediate context for you before I even get into the crux of this blog today. I needed an image for this post and typed in "teenager fighting with parents" in the search area, and this was the first image. I did a double take at the small...

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Suffering Is So Yesterday

Suffering Is So Yesterday

2018 has taught me one major thing. Delusion is something your reptilian brain dangles in front of you like the proverbial carrot. We've been watching train wreck after train wreck happen in some pretty significant parts of the world, together with humaning that...

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