When you’re ready to investigate the missing parts of the puzzle that have prevented you from truly healing what’s holding you back.


When you’re an implementer who wants to work at your own pace or in a community setting to heal in a likeminded space that is safe.


Whether you are your business or you’re a decision-maker with a team, Amanda’s methods and corporate expertise change everything.

A fresh set of eyes on all the pieces of the puzzle you hold to find definitive answers to one of the biggest questions we have as humans: why?

Every single choice you have made in your health and wellness journey, every single relationship of meaning your soul decided was a good idea for you this lifetime, holds the foundation answers that will firstly give you an answer to your why and then more importantly, the pavers to the road out of and away from everything holding you back from living your best life right now. 

I’m what you would call an action-enthused dot joiner, coach, and mentor for people who have tried just about everything and feel like they’re getting nowhere. Psychology and medicine are starting to catch up with the way I have been living since 1985 when I learned about Neuro-Emotional Technique and the Trio of Health. When I learned that blocked emotions make you sick when I was 14 years old, it was like all of life made sense in that moment. I have been researching the concept ever since and have over 14 years of (what I have to call anecdotal) evidence in my private practice of how effective my process is at building the story with the information you already have, and then using my energy healing therapy to remove the blocks that are running the story in your nervous system and therefore your body’s ability to keep you well. Essentially, you bring your pen, I’ll provide the dots and you’ll get your answers. 





Amanda’s t-shirts for a cause are here to bring fun into your life while helping to build her dream of a research institute.


For those who mention busy more than once a day and when you realise how important keeping records are for your future.


People Pleasing has an anatomy of patterns mixed in with emotional blocks running stories through your nervous system. This deck man!


Amanda Foy helps people reconnect to themselves without guilt, shame, or fear. If you’re a person who tends to give so much of yourself away to others to make life easy for everyone, then you’re in the right place. It’s all a false economy. Her teachings, processes, refreshing honesty, and authenticity will help you crawl out of the burn-out pit and stand back on your own two feet. She has helped thousands of people all over the world with her teachings and process professionally since 2009.

She’s the beginning of the end of (at least) seven generations of dysfunction, an author in waiting, a mother of sons, and wife to the most amazing husband. Together, they are breaking patterns in every direction for their sons. She has lived in and travelled to many different parts of the world, learning the value of curiosity and how similar we are when we are humaning.

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Amanda Foy

Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which I walk, work and live and recognise their continuing connection to country. I acknowledge my Ancestors, The People of the Yuin Nation, and thank them every day for my gift of sight and ability to do what I do. I know they guide me and support me to make a difference with my voice of reason in this era of polarising opinions.
I pay my respects to the Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today as well as the First Nations People in other countries around the world.

‍I acknowledge and honour this privilege and responsibility with respect, humility, and continued curiosity and pledge to stand in the truth that these Lands always were and always will be the lands of our First People.



A People-Pleasers Journey to Self-Discovery

A People-Pleasers Journey to Self-Discovery

For over forty years, I walked a path paved with the stones of others' expectations, a road mapped by the need to please, to be accepted, and to be loved. People-pleasing wasn't just a habit; it was my identity. I knew its contours intimately—how it whispered...

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What is a People Pleaser?

What is a People Pleaser?

In a world driven by social interactions and a desire for acceptance, it’s not uncommon for individuals to find themselves trapped in the cycle of people pleasing.

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Fawning versus People Pleasing.

Fawning versus People Pleasing.

FAWNING versus PEOPLE PLEASING, is there a difference? Indeed, a nuanced divergence is rooted mainly in their origins and motivations, although the two can often appear similar. A fawn response, a term introduced by therapist Pete Walker, is one of the four primary...

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Is People Pleasing A Trauma Response?

Is People Pleasing A Trauma Response?

Understanding the Connection Between People-Pleasing and Trauma Reading people pleasing is a trauma response can be quite confronting, especially if you are just setting out to understand what it is. Trauma is a polarising word at the best of times. We may not have...

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